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Friday 9 October 2015

Happy Friday everyone! How are you? Not to brag or anything, but I'm actually in Venice right now - or at least I will be if you are reading this between the 8th and 12th of October! I know try not to hate me too much, because I am here to remind you that you don't really need to venture far to feel like you've adventured!

Last Friday me and my friend Sophie, finished work early to spend an afternoon exploring, rummaging and eating on a very much needed and long overdue friend date. Even though we only live down the road from one another, and actually as of a few weeks ago, work in the same office once or twice a week, we've barely managed to grab any quality time, just the two of us, for months. And what our afternoon together quickly made me realise is that just like it is important to remember to schedule a date with yourself, it's equally important to dedicate time to spending time with a friend - just the two of you.

We'd been meaning to head to Todmorden, a small town, not far on the train from Blackburn, all summer. Sophie had told me about the delicious food available at the Bear and she wasn't wrong. The Bear is a deli/organic grocery store with a beautiful vegetarian (and vegan friendly) cafe on the floor above. Now not to make too big of a sweeping statement, but a lot of the time, veggie cafes tend to lack in d├ęcor what they make up for in lentils, but the Bear was beautiful on and off the plate. I had a delicious Aubergine and tomato bake with garlic bread, while Sophie had a curry and despite being incredibly, satisfyingly full we also managed cake and a latte made with coconut milk. I also couldn't resist buying some rice, pumpkin and ginger noodles to cook at home from the shop downstairs. I'd have actually done a weeks worth of shopping in there, but I didn't want to have to carry it around with me for the rest of the afternoon!

After that we headed around the small town, visited a gorgeous gallery, and rummaged through every charity shop we could find, before hopping back on the train to Hebden Bridge.

Again, Hebden Bridge is a relatively small town, but it's becoming pretty well know, for having a real independent, arty feel to it (and also apparently being the lesbian capital of Britain whatever that means). The weather was gorgeous as the sun hang low in the sky, and we walked along the canals, stopped for a soft drink, and sat outside until, the weird fermented tea I had, the midges and the chill in the air got a bit too much, and we decided to make our way inside, and downstairs to Nelson's a tucked away wine bar and eatery for the rest of the evening. Where once again I was tempted by the food, but (only just) managed to resist!

Even though we were home by 10, it was a really gorgeous way to spend an afternoon and evening in the late Autumn sunshine. I always forget how many gorgeous places there are practically on my doorstep, and every time I venture out I tell myself that I should do it more often and I really, really should. Just like I should make sure that dates with friends get as much priority in my diary as everything else does.

I'd highly recommend the Bear, or spending an afternoon in Hebden Bridge, there were at least 5 different cafe's I want to head back and try out one afternoon soon. Maybe on a date with myself, maybe on a date with the young man, or maybe on a date with a friend. I really am lucky to be surrounded by such good company!

Do you have a favourite town on your doorstep?

Live life & date your friends x

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