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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you? Today I planned on posting something about the new show I am working on. I wasn't sure what form that post was going to take, but I thought that after harping on a fair bit about how excited I am to be working on something again, and having won £200 at a crowd funding event I should at least share a little bit more about my plans for the show.

And then I started writing the post, and it made me feel a little weird.

As a rule I don't really blog about theatre on this wee space of mine. Even though it is listed as a topic on mu menu! I blog around theatre, and more generally about my career in the arts, but other than my very very first posts, I've never really given much air time to my own shows, my own process or even really my opinions on theatre. So when it came to diving in at the deep end and dedicating a whole post to my thoughts and inspirations for a new show it felt a bit unnatural.

At least it feels unnatural writing in that way on this blog.

I can talk about theatre all day, and write about it for that matter too. In fact I regularly write about it for work, and local organisations and publications, but I guess because that isn't what I've used this space for, and I also guess because my 'writing about serious theatre voice' is slightly different to the one I use on here, then writing a post like the one I had planned, felt out of place. It felt like I was forcing it. And one thing blogging has taught me is that the posts which feel forced or unnatural, are the ones you don't really want to publish.

But I do want to post about theatre. 

I want to tell you about what I've seen, and what I'm working on and what I'm writing. 

If I'm being honest, what the issue really is, is that I'm a bit worried that you won't like it.

Which I know is stupid thing to stop me from posting. I read hundreds of reviews from bloggers about all sorts, and I love reading about how people baked something, or crafted something, or how they go about creating something, even if I don't review, bake, craft or create the same things in the same way.

What I'm wrestling with is finding a way to blog about theatre that doesn't feel like I'm being a bit pretentious, or trying to position myself as an expert, or simply just using my 'work voice'. I need to use a voice that feels like the one I would use if I was sat talking to a friend about theatre.

And god knows I do that enough.

Heck, that is actually, exactly the kind of voice I try to use when I'm making, writing and performing a show. If I want to make theatre that feels like a conversation with a friend, then I should be able to write about theatre as if I'm having a conversation with a friend right? 

All I really need is practice, so like my happy posts every other Friday, I am going to dedicate every other Wednesday to talking about theatre. What I've seen, what I'm working on, and my opinions on the arts as a whole. Because it is something I am passionate about, and that's what I want this space to reflect. My passions.

What do you think? Would you like to hear more about my theatre work? Is there any topics that you love, but just can't find the right voice to blog about them?

Live life & find your voice x

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