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I'm Stephie a creative producer currently based in the North West. In short, I make creative STUFF happen. I manage arts projects, programme theatre shows, and most recently produced Burnley Literary Festival 2019. I also write, run workshops and have dabbled with performing and touring myself. Everything I do is driven by people, and getting communities involved with the arts, and helping them to tell their story.

This is my somewhat personal blog where I've arguably shared too much, and arguably, not shared enough. I've been writing here for nearly 10 years!

I post personal essays, sometimes they're about the work I do, other times they are about life in general or topics I feel particularly passionate about. Sometimes they are just a way of getting the thoughts out of my head and organised in some way, or act as a reminder to myself to stay motivated (and hopefully help you to do the same).

Oh, and I'm currently challenging myself to write a children's book.

I am a freelancer, and I can help you add a cup of creative to your business, life and projects. Whether that's helping with your social media and communications, going through your project plans, or helping you discover your own creativity. I love trying new things - so if you think there is something we could work together on then drop me an email: stephiejessop@gmail.com.  

Outside of work and writing, I love travelling and have a partner who encourages me to see as much of the world as possible. I'm a big sister and approach nearly all my friendships in this way. I'm a coffee addict before 3pm, and a tea drinker after. And I'm a genuinely terrible bio writer. Thank god I don't have to complete dating app profiles. 

I love reading and audiobooks and taking and editing photos. I like to try my hand at all manner of creative hobbies, but find I either, struggle to commit beyond one workshop, or accidentally turn that hobby into part of my job.

If you talk to me for longer than 10 minutes, I will recommend you a podcast.

Beyond that, there isn't much more I can say here that I haven't already shared in a post (or 5). Thanks for reading x
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PS. The official disclaimer part…
All opinions expressed are my own, and I am the sole copyright owner of all materials published unless stated otherwise. 


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