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Monday 5 October 2015

Hey everyone! How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was a long one in both a good and a bad way, I finished work early on Friday for a much needed friend date with Sophie, which was a gorgeous kick off to the weekend (and more on that later in the week) but then I had Saturday and Sunday all to myself, which in its own ways were lovely, as I wrote about here, but come Sunday evening, I was getting a bit fed up of my own company. So personally I'm pretty happy to see Monday! And I head to Venice on Friday so I'm also one day closer to that! 

It is also the first Monday in October, and while I've falen out of the idea of making specific monthly goals because I found myself putting too much pressure on ticking something off a list rather than creating any long term change, I do like to use the beginning of the month to refocus on what I want.

I've blogged and bragged a fair bit about how good a month September was for me, and I'd like to keep those good vibes going for the rest of the year. Especially where motivation for work is concerned. However, I know in order to this I need to make sure I hit a good balance of work, rest and play, so I'll be keeping an eye on that this month.

Speaking of play, I'm obviously really looking forward to Venice this weekend. It's practically a year since my trip to Europe, and even though I'm only away for 3 nights, it will be so good to get out and cure at least some of my wanderlust. Plus I'm going with my mum, aunts and cousins, and it is YEARS since I travelled with family, so no doubt this trip will be making memories just as good, but very different to my lone train trip last year. Once I get back, I'm working every Saturday this month, so I'll be taking days off mid week (which I love) and squeezing in seeing the Young Man on a week night too.

In terms of rest, I think this is where I want my main focus to be this month. Not just making sure I have enough down time, but that I am putting time aside for some self care. Eating healthily is a big thing for me at the moment, especially as I'm not being as strict with my Veganism, I want to make sure I don't fall into last years bad habits, when I've worked so hard to break them. I also want to make sure I'm moving and shaking as much as possible. Getting a run in becomes much harder at this time of the year, but before we get to that point where it is already dark by the time I get home, I want to make sure I am getting out walking/jogging/running as much as I can, as well as finding new ways to be active, that aren't weather reliant. Swimming and stretching especially.

The one other thing I really want to focus on is getting back into using my notebook, to journal, and plan, and just generally create. I've got so many projects on the go at the moment that while I am looking after each one, I'm not using my creativity or writing as part of my down time routine, and I definitely feel the effects when I don't regularly journal, or intentionally plan what I want from my day. I'm hoping that while I'm away I will put pen to paper, and that will set me off on a good routine.

And that's about it for October, as well as keeping up with what I set up in September, I think that is enough for me to be focusing on. You can't change the word over night, and I've always been guilty of extremes, so while tis might not be your usual monthly goals post, I feel this is what works best for me. I also believe the language we use is very important, so saying what I want from October, rather than thinking about what I have to achieve is a small alteration but one that makes a huge difference for me.

What do you want from October?

Live life & embrace Mondays x

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