Happy Birthday to Me / Happy New Blog Day

Wednesday 31 August 2016

HELLO STRANGER! How are you? I've missed you so SO much!

I want you to imagine me saying that as if we are friends who have known one another for years and you just turned up on my birthday with a hug and a kiss and you're already offering to buy me another drink. Even though I already have one in each hand and you were warned on your way in that I was already beginning to get emotional.

Got it? 


No but seriously, how are you??? These past couple of weeks where my blog has been offline have been really really odd for me! I've still been around on social media, and I've still popped up in your comments box once or twice, but with out having a visible blog I've felt a little like a boat with out an anchor! 

But today I am back! I am back, it's my birthday and my blog is all shiny and new!

What do you think? Does it live up to the grandeur suggested when I casually began throwing around the 'rebrand' word all those weeks ago? I hope so, but only time will tell.

When I first decided on rebranding/relaunching/re-putting-my-thoughts out into the world, unveiling it all, today, on my birthday, it all seemed like SUCH a good idea! I could spend a month or two making sure my design was exactly how I wanted (which for now, it is) and then finally press publish, another year older, and wiser, and grandly make some sort of profound statement about blogging or myself and my plans, and you would all sit their going 'Oh yes, quite right, that extra year, and new name she has really has made her so much wiser.'

But the fact is, as I sit down to write this post, I don't have a single grand thought in my head.

Not one.

Because while on paper my blog and I woke up this morning changed, the truth is we are yet to really see any difference.

I woke up this morning another year older, but my 26th year on this planet is not made or broken based on today. I am not inherently smarter, or wiser, or more worldly than I was yesterday simply because yesterday I was 25 and today I am 26. 

Similarly, today my blog has a new name, and a new design, but it is still my blog, and except for this post, all its content is currently exactly, the same as it was 2 weeks ago when it all sat under the name 'Tea In Your Twenties.' 

My blog is different but it is yet to do anything with that difference. Today I am a different age but I am yet to do anything with it.

I can't say being 26 is amazing, and as much as I would like to, I can't say my blog is now perfect. 

I have to grow into being 26, and my 'new/not new' blog has to grow into itself. 

Despite all the plans I may have for myself and my blog, I can't tell you what the outcome of my 26th year on this planet will be and I can't say with any certainty what the outcome of changing my blog name will be.

But... and you knew there was a but coming... I can say I am excited by the prospect of it.

I'm excited by what the next 365 days has to bring. I'm excited by the content, planned and unplanned, of both my life and my blog.

I'm excited to discuss my thoughts and ideas with you. To meet new people. To talk about the things I already love and to find new things to love just as much. I'm excited to spend time with all of you that are in my life now, on and offline, and to find more of you. 

I'm excited to eat cake today and celebrate a new chapter, and hope that everyone enjoys themselves as much as I do.

I'm excited to grow into it.

And I'm excited to drink that drink you offered, because even though I already have two in my hand, if I don't take a very large gulp right now, I'm afraid I may never shut up.

So here is to turning 26, and launching a new(ish) blog, without any real statements of grandeur, but hopes to achieve it none the less. Happy birthday to me, and don't forget to pick up a party bag on your way out x

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  1. Happy birthday (again)! Hope you have a lovely day. The blog looks wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to see where you're going with it. xxx

  2. I've really been looking forward to your blog popping up again in my inbox. I do love the name. It looks lovely. Happy birthday and bestest wishes!

    Keep Calm and start writing ...

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day - the new place looks beautiful! xx

  4. Happy birthday and happy blog birthday Stephie. The new design and name are lovely, looking forward to reading along x

  5. Happy birthday! And I love the new look around here! xxx



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