Happy Friday no.17...

Friday 2 September 2016

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! How has your four day week been? Anyone else got that end of summer holiday feeling? Like part of me is sad that summer is over, but the other part of me is REALLY looking forward to getting stuck in with that new term enthusiasm... plus even though I'm not actually going back to school, I've still treated myself to new stationery AND the young man bought me a Happiness Planner for my birthday...


It was my birthday this week, which I may have mentioned a few hundred times, and so today's Happy Friday is full of gratitude and birthday bonanza cheeriness! 

1. It was my birthday!

Ok I will get on to all the things that made my birthday especially happy and wonderful this year, but the day itself deserves a mention. I opted out of a party this year and in the run up to the day itself I was feeling a bit 'meh just another day' but as grown up and nonchalant as I wanted to be, I still went to bed the night before a little bit excited! And any day that makes you feel like a kid again is a good day right?

2. The Young Man

The Young Man features pretty heavily on these lists, but this week especially, I'm feeling particularly loved up after he went ABOVE AND BEYOND to organise a Birthday Bonanza weekend to rival all other Birthday Bonanzas. I'll get on to what we actually did in a moment but, and not to sound too corny, it was the company that really made it special!

3. A Picnic at Dunham Massey

The first part of the Birthday Bonanza weekend was a picnic at Dunham Massey, which is a beautiful National Trust property, garden and best of all Deer park! We spent the afternoon wandering around the gardens, playing on playgrounds meant for children, eating yummy M&S food, and basically being in utter awe of all the deer!

4. Dinner at Chaophraya

I will just disclaim this now, but my entire Birthday Bonanza weekend was very food orientated! So after having walked off our Picnic (but probably not the ice cream we also treated ourselves too) we went home, and I was told to dress up nice. So I donned a trusty swing dress from River Island (hides a whole manner of sins) and was taken to a mystery location for dinner which turned out to be Chaophraya in Manchester. Now I have my favourite Thai restaurant in Manchester, but it does look a bit like an 80s living room, so it was really nice to go somewhere a bit more upmarket for a special occassion! The food was AMAZING, so rich and delicous! We even opted for something over than our usual Thai Green curries and went with all the chef specialities! If you love your thai food, and have an occasion or a date coming up, I'd definitely recommend Chaopraya!

5. Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

I'll keep this one short and sweet because I want to do a full post on it! Even though I didn't think I'd eat for a week after dinner on Saturday night, I still managed to make room for Afternoon Tea at Manchester House come Sunday afternoon. And I am so glad I did! Tiny cakes mean less calories right? Even if you do have 6 of them?

6. Video Calling my Little Sister

I've mentioned a couple of times that my Little Sister is currently doing a year in industry over in America, and what with her working shifts, and the time difference, video calling s no where near as regular as I would like it to be! However on my birthday we manage to get hold of one another, so she could see me open my present which she'd had delivered to the Young Man's house! Because we didn't live together in the uk anyway, sometimes I forget she is over seas, but on special occasions I really miss her

7. An unexpected day with Mamma and Pappa J 

After several different plans fell through for what to do on my actual birthday I was beginning to think I'd maybe just go to work! But in a twist of fortunate events Mamma AND Pappa J managed to get the day off work! We met up in Manchester for some brunch, a coffee and some suitcase shopping! A pretty mundane kind of day but after all the excitement of the weekend and going home this weekend coming, it didn't really matter!

8. Birthday Cards in the post!

Facebook messages are always welcome on your birthday (especially because, lets face it, we all dread nobody will post anything!) but nothing beats ACTUAL post does it? I wish I was the type of person who remembered to actually send cards because I LOVE receiving them so much!

9. Phoning my Nan

It was short and sweet, and really all family members deserve a spot on this list, but phone calls with Nanna J are definitely I should make more time of. That's the second thing on this list that is making me feel a little guilty as well as happy!

10. Presents, presents, presents!

Are you impressed I left mentioning presents until nearly right at the end of this list? Because of course, people, and spending time together are more important, but... I also got some really gorgeous gifts! Including an Olivia Burton Watch, a Happiness Planner, a fitbit and money to buy a new camera! I'd be lying if I didn't say sometimes materialistic stuff CAN bring you happiness!

11. Cake at Work

It's been one heck of a week for food, and my waist line is beginning to nag, but still! One of my favourite things about my office is our CAKE (Calorie Aided Knowledge Enhancement) based traditition's! Chocolate cake with pink sprinkles? YES PLEASE!

12. New Blog Day!

My birthday was also new(ish) blog day! And despite the hiccups, and all the things I just hadn't thought about, that still need doing, I am very very happy to be back and live in the blogosphere! thanks to everyone who has tweeted and commented, making me feel very welcome in my return! 

PHEW, long list! Birthdays are also really tiring right? And it's not over yet, with a trip to the seaside planned this weekend! So what has been making you happy lately and do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? x

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