Morning Monday from Venice...

Monday 12 October 2015

Morning everyone!

How are you all?

I'm currently sat in the airport in Venice waiting to come home. Sob! I won't talk too much about Venice right now because I only have 30 minutes wifi and you could never do Venice justice in 30 minutes. Buy I've had an amazing and exhausting time. And while I would love to stay I'm looking forward to my own flat and some space and time to take it all in.

The rest of this week is busy with a big meeting at work "planning the future" so no small task, and I've several workshops starting this week to start gathering stories for my new show.

Not really much point to this post but while I'm waiting to check in, I thought I'd check in!

Here's hoping the flight back is a smooth one and I will speak to you properly on Wednesday, until then please put your trays in the upright position sit back and relax.

Live life & always have a werthers original for take off x

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