Happy New Year! Hello 2016...

Monday 4 January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! How are you? How was New Years Eve? Mine was actually one of the best I've ever had, in all honesty I'm not normally a NYE fan, but this year involved Lebanese food, tickets to see Into The Woods at The Royal Exchange in Manchester, and then heading to meet all of the Young Mans friends at a house party.

If that sounds like I'm bragging, trust me I paid for it on New Years Day. Which involved a hangover that left me in bed until 4pm and, I hate to say it, vomiting. Think that doesn't sound all that bad? I was staying at the Young Mans parents house. Yup. Classy. 

So safe to say 2016 didn't really start with me bouncing with energy ready to take on a new year and a 'new me' and in all honesty that feeling still hasn't hit me. If you were reading my blog this time last year you'll know that I'm normally pretty big on resolutions. I totally understand where people are coming from when they say that 'January 1st is just a day, why wait to make changes,' I've certainly bin known to make resolutions half way through a year, a month, or even a week before, and if you REALLY want to make a change then you absolutely shouldn't wait. However, I've always found that the momentum of a new year, has always helped, especially if you are surrounded by other people equally as hyped.

But this January? I'm just not feeling it. I think the main reason behind this is that right now, I don't want to make any major changes. I'm not saying that me or my life are perfect, but they certainly don't need a complete overhaul. Which I know is a good thing, but I can't help but feel nostalgic for the New Year Me's of yesteryear.

Even if 9 out of 10 barely lasted until February.

Last year, I decided that 2015 would be the year of more, I wanted to really build on the things I'd started to lay foundations for in my life. I wanted to be more healthy, more knowledgable, more happy, and of course now that 2016 is here, I don't want any of that to stop.

Maybe that is why I'm finding it hard to feel psyched about 'New Year New Me,' because actually I don't want a new me. I want a me that continues to grow.

So if I were to have a word or a mantra for this year that would be it. To carry on growing.

This January isn't going to be the whirlwind month of Big Changes, more of a gentle, but sometimes bracing breeze of nudges. Nudges back into good habits that have slipped by the way side recently; blogging, eating healthily; journalling; not sleeping in until 5 minutes after I absolutely need to be up. Nudges into being a better grown up; calling the landlord to fic my shower; setting up a bank account; actually sending off my tax return on time this year, and not just filling it in but neglecting to press the send button.

It's hard to get excited about nudges. And sometimes we mistake a lack of excitement for a lack of motivation. So while I might not be tackling my bank account with same gusto I tackled veganism with last year, I will still be tackling it.

Maybe with just a little less January Song and Dance about it.

How about you? Do you have a word for 2016? Is it a scream it from the roof tops, change my world word, or just a whisper gently to myself one?

Live life & remember the nudges can take as much motivation as the leaps x

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