Growing up....

Monday 11 January 2016

Happy Monday everyone! How are you? Starting today I'm no longer wishing people a Happy New Year. Not because I don't want people to have a good one, but it is a bit like making sure you have your Christmas decorations right? We have to face it, this week, it's just time to get on with it.

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting on with it and about growing up. As I mentioned last week, this year, for me will be about growth. And I guess one of my main priorities in this, is to literally grow up. To stop putting things off, to stop putting up with a broken wardrobe, and to stop putting out all these messages about how you should get up and go but never actually getting up and going.

Guess what guys? Growing up is scary.

It's not only scary. It's also really difficult to get excited about.

Growing up is not the kind of scary that pumps you full of adrenalin. It's the kind of scary where you don't really realise your scared until you're sat in the dentists chair and you realise this isn't just something to get over and done with but could actually have some sort of serious consequence. 

I'm not really scared of the dentist, I have strong teeth and haven't had bad news while sat in that chair, since I was 9 years old and Mr D told me I might need a brace. But it still passes through my mind every 6 months, what if, this is the time I need a tooth out.

What if there is something l have missed. Something that I was pretending not to notice. Something that I should have taken action on before now.

Growing up is a bit like that.

I know I should be paying attention to my health and actually be registered at a doctor's.  I know that paint peeling off my bathroom ceiling isn't a good thing. I know I've been ignoring my financial situation. While none of these things are too late I need to have all my teeth removed situations, they are things that I may one day soon, get called out on.

And part of me needs that. Part of me is waiting for somebody to call me out, to force me to take action. Like when I was 9 and Mr D told me that my thumb sucking habit meant that one day I may need a brace, and I left that chair with my eyes streaming but a concrete resolve to never suck my thumb again.

Why do I feel the need for some one else to be that voice? Because, it's hard to get motivated on things that not only scary, but also, lets face it, are kind of boring. I'm 25 do I really need to be thinking about a mortgage? A mortgage means a house. A house means settling down. Settling down means tying myself to one thing, one place, one area. 

A mortgage also, I assume, means an awful lot of paper work. 

Right now all of that (paper work included) is terrifying but one day I know that NOT being able to have all those things will be so much worse.

I never needed a brace. After Mr D's, perhaps over dramatic warning, I never sucked my thumb again.  At 9 years old Mr D, didn't just scare me, he made me grow up. This time I have to make myself grow up. I have to be my own warning signal. And I have to listen to myself, before I have no choice but to listen to somebody else.

So growing up isn't as glamorous an idea as loosing weight and it isn't as easy to sum up the motivation to move on with your life as it is to do a complete overhaul, but for me, this year, it is far more necessary.

I don't need to change my life, I just need to get on with it.

And ring the dentists.

Live your life & take your oral care seriously x

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