Happy Friday #2... 50 happy things...

Friday 18 September 2015

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? So it is only my second 'Happy Friday' post and already I am changing bending the rules a bit! But with good reason! I was tagged by the wonderful Sarah from Daydreams of Summertime (who I am excited to see on Sunday!) to list 50 things that make me happy, and I thought when better to share this than on a Friday? It was so lovely putting this list together, it reminded me how it's the smallest of things that can make you happy, but that so rarely we make the time for! Hopefully this inspires you to carve out a happy moment in your weekend!

  1. Sitting on the sofas in the back room of our house with my family on a weekend morning (preferably in pyjamas)
  2. Listening to a favourite album through my ear phones while staring out of a train window and watching the world pass by
  3. A really good coffee (in latte form)
  4. Coming home to a tidy flat
  5. Running in the park, when the weather is just right

  6. Walking at dusk
  7. Notebooks (new & old)
  8. Date nights/lazy mornings with the young man
  9. Drinking just the right amount of wine to have the types of conversations with friends that leave you feeling closer to them afterwards
  10. Seeing the sea

  11. Getting lost in a good book
  12. Traveling
  13. Slow mornings to myself 
  14. Living alone
  15. Eating out

  16. Feeling like my outfit is just right
  17. Sitting in the cold night air drinking a hot chocolate
  18. Blogging
  19. Performing
  20. Cooking something delicious and sharing it with friends

  21. Being the host
  22. Crying at a good film or tv programme
  23. Going to the theatre
  24. Meeting kind strangers
  25. Making people laugh

  26. Having a tidy flat
  27. Being up and out on a bright and early morning and feeling like you're the only one awake
  28. Messages out of the blue from friends
  29. Taylor Swift
  30. Unexpected small presents

  31. Being daft
  32. Dancing
  33. Knowing that I worked hard on something and did a good job
  34. Seeing and speaking to my friends face to face and not just through a screen
  35. Singing in the shower

  36. Feeling like someone truly cares about me
  37. Retelling old memories, and finding them just as funny
  38. Learning new things
  39. Ankle boots
  40. The perfectly sized handbag to fit everything in

  41. Sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream (yes, you can get this in vegan form)
  42. Fancy magazines
  43. Finding a gem in a charity shop
  44. The site when you first walk out of Edinburgh Waverly Train Station
  45. Good bread (especially toasted)

  46. Flowers
  47. Not smudging or chipping my painted nails
  48. Whitby
  49. Going home for the weekend
  50. Realising how much I have to be grateful for
What do you think? Would any of these things be on your list too? Thanks so much for tagging me Sarah and forcing me to really think about what makes me happy! I tag Mimmi, Alice, Lucy and Holly, what makes you happy? 

Live life & appreciate the happy moments x

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