Monday lunch... Focusing on the what part 2...

Monday 21 September 2015

Morning everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? I really did, I had all of Saturday to myself and spent yesterday drinking coffee and eating pizza, with varying levels of success, with the lovely Sarah!

Last Monday I posted about how important I think it is to really focus in on the specifics of exactly what it is you want. Not just in terms of goals but what it is you want your life to look like every day. A few of you then asked about what my "whats" look like and a few of you really wanted to do the same but we're struggling with where to start so today I thought I'd be super open and share a bit about what I want my life to look like and give you a few prompts too.

A few words I would use to describe my dream self and life...

Creative, energetic, lively, confident, happy, peaceful, passionate, balanced.

How my day would begin...

I'd be in a flat that I own that is filled with beautiful, bright and colourful things. Stuff that has been collected not just hoarded. I'd wake up early, but not too early. I'd get washed and dressed first. Wearing an outfit that reflects who I want to be, and has been chosen out the night before. Probably a dress with some knitwear, a long necklace, and ankle boots. Probably colourful, and patterned, and if not vintage, then vintage inspired. 

I'd have a slow healthy breakfast. Probably porridge with fresh fruit and it would be quiet, time spent with my notebook or reading a magazine. Not with my phone or a laptop screen.

Then I would go to work...

My job would be art or theatre based and ideally I would be managing a project, or at least shaping/heavily influencing it. Most of my days wouldn't be spent in the office all day, i'd be doing something more hands on every day as well as the admin work that goes with it, and my main job would take up four days a week, and I'd use a fifth to work on a side project. Either running workshops or creating a show.

I'd also be performing for fun, and rehearsing regularly, going to classes, learning new things. Not everything would have to be work related.

My free time would be spent...

Writing more. Creatively, blogging and journaling.
Exercising a couple of times a week.
Allowing myself to switch off every now and then from everything.
Having friends over.
I'd be seeing friends, family and loved ones regularly, and if not seeing them, then at least speaking to them.
I'd be creating for fun, even things that I'm not very good at. Craft projects, baking, sewing.
Doing things where the only goal was to enjoy the process of doing them.

I'd be the type of person that...

Buys quality over quantity.
That is confident and helps other.
That smiles a lot and always has nice things to say.
That is described as friendly
Is good with money.
Knew about the wider world.
That other people come to for advice.
Whose writing spoke to other people.
That was healthy in body and in mind.

And that's really all I wrote down, as you can see it isn't HUGELY specific, it's more about the lifestyle and the image I can see than working when I will be doing what, but it has definitely helped me figure out what it is that I am working towards, and start implementing small changes now that make that image part of my life already. Things like planning out my outfit the night before, because one of the things I could most clearly imagine, was what I would be wearing. I don't need to have everything else in place to already start dressing the way I want to, I just needed to put a little bit more thought into it. And so the how to achieve the what became very obvious.

I feel a bit like I'm rambling, and that this maybe isn't as grand an insight as maybe you were hoping for, but I think what that shows is that, your 'whats' don't need to be grand and they also don't have to come all at once. It might be that you can only imagine up to 11 am on your ideal day, but after that your not sure, that's ok, that gives you a start, and eventually as that ideal day start becoming a reality you will be able to work out what comes next.

Anyway enough from me, I hope this helps, on the Being Boss, podcast this week, they provided an ideal day worksheet when you sign up to their mailing list, and if you're looking for more structured prompts that is probably a good place to start! In fact I am going to put some time aside this week, to fill that in too!

Let me know if this helps, and I will be sure to update you with more of my 'what's' as I work them out!

Live life & don't make things too complicated x

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