My Insatgram Manifesto

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Hey everyone, how are you? A month or so ago I published my blogging manifesto, and I was so pleased that it seemed to go down really well with you guys. So I thought why not do an Instagram one too?

Instagram is pretty much the social media channel I spend anytime thinking about. You'll find me dipping in and out of Twitter every now and then, and for a very short time this year I remembered I had a Facebook page for my blog, and then promptly forgot about it. But Instagram?

Instagram I literally spend hours scrolling through, planning and talking about. And I'm not ashamed of that as such, but it is something I've wrestled with.

For example when Twitter exploded with 'bot gate' over Easter I sat there thinking 'guys, come on, does it really matter?' Whilst also systematically unfollowing anyone that was using a bot. It is ultimately a social media channel, and as I don't earn a living from social media, and don't have any plans to in the future, it doesn't feature in my list of things that actually matter.

But I do really enjoy it. I like putting effort into my photos and seeking out things to photograph for it. It pushes me to get better at something that is only a hobby (when writing and theatre, as much as I love the are also a career). I like keeping up with what other people are doing when I don't have time to read their blogs, and I like updating people on what I'm up to when I don't have time to write my own. The only thing I really feel a little guilt about, is that the whole thing just isn't 'instant' anymore, however I want to let go of that, and figure as long as I'm always honest about things, then there is no need to beat myself up about it. So with all that in mind here is my Instagram manifesto.

I will post the photos I am most proud of. Whether that is a perfectly foamy cup of coffee, or a seaside scene. Instagram is my gallery and I will curate it with my best pieces.

I will always be honest in my captions. I won't claim that I'm somewhere I'm not, or feeling something I don't. My gallery might be as perfect as I can make it, but I will never claim that my life is.

I will follow the accounts that inspire me. I will not feel guilty about who I do or don't follow. 

I will only ever interact genuinely. I won't comment or follow or like just for the sake of doing so, or in the hope that will lead to an extra follow for me.

I will spend time thinking about what I am posting and in which order they go. I don't strive for a theme but a style of photo. BUT just because a photo doesn't fit that perfectly it won't stop me from posting it, if I feel I want to.

I on't feel guilty about spending time thinking about what I'm posting - it's just another way of being creative.

I won't create a strict posting schedule - Instagram shouldn't start to feel pressured. If I need to I can take a break from it.

I will take inspiration from other accounts but will find my own photos to take.

I will stop trying to make the perfect flat lay. If the coffee shop does it for me great - but I just don't have the eye for them!

I will start sharing the love for my favourite Instagram accounts more, with shout outs on Twitter or blog posts dedicated to them.

If I want to delete a photo I will - it's unlikely people will notice anyway.

However I will avoid posting the same photo more than once!

Coffee cups will always feature - even though I don't drink as much of it these days!

I won't take it all too seriously, it's my hobby and should be fun.

I will remember not to compare my life to other people's highlight reel.

Comments should NEVER just be emojis.

I will challenge myself, with new subject matter, new styles, new goals, and with mini projects.

I will use it to document memories and moments I want to remember. It's the closest thing I will probably ever have to a scrap book. But I won't let it get in the way of making memories.

What is the one rule you live by when it comes to Instagram? X

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