Friday 18 November 2016

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y!

Wherever you are I hope you are wrapped up warm and cosy, and not quite as cold as I am! Do you have exciting plans for the weekend coming up? Mine are pretty domestic, housewroks, coffee and maybe a dog walk on Sunday. The types of weekend that are good for the soul (and the state of my flat) but not alllll that exciting. Unlike say, a weekend in Dublin...

Impressed with my segway there?
Last month the Young Man and I popped to Dublin with a couple of friends for a weekend of meandering, drinking and lots of live music. I honestly LOVED it, and I could go back tomorrow and do the EXACT same thing.

As you can probably tell there was A LOT of guiness involved! Much like Sangria in Spain, Guiness just tastes better in Dublin. We spent a good chunk of our weekend in Temple Bar. As touristy as it may be I loved the colours of the streets and the pubs, and the fact that you could walk into any bar, at any time and listen (dance) to live music. Sure a lot of it wasn't all that traditional (pretty sure Mumford and Sons aren't Irish?) but the atmosphere was SO good.

On the saturday night we stuck to the side streets because it was a little too busy on Temple bar itself, but Sunday night, when the majority of the Hen and Stag do's were probably nursing their hangovers on the plane home, we headed to THE Temple Bar. It honestly made me remember why I love nights out so much! Of course the drinks were quite pricey, but no where near as pricey as I'd been warned they would be, plus not a single bar we went in asked for an entry fee, so I figured that extra Euro or two was paying for the music!

Of course, no trip to Dublin is complete without a trip to the guiness Storehouse Factory. I really didn't expect to enjoy this anywhere near as much as I did! I mean I'm not promising I could tell you much about the history of Guiness but I can pull you a pint (which I could do before because of all the years I was a lost little waitress but still) and I can tell you how to properly taste Guiness (erm, breathe, gulp, breathe again! Of course we enjoyed our hand pulled pint in the sky bar, and afterwards headed down to the canteen for probably the best stew I've ever had!

You'll be as glad as my livers and my kidney''s were to know that not my entire trip revolved around Guiness! We also wandered around Trinity college, and I couldn't help but feel I'd have been a whole lot more academic a student if my university had looked like that! And like the classic blogger I am spent a LOT of time admiring the beautiful houses and front doors. I'd love to go back to dublin again and explore a little bit more of the none drinky side of the city!

Have you ever been to Dublin? Is there anything I missed out on? Seriously, I'm looking for the smallest of excuses to go back! x

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