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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday! How are you? Me? I'm very very sore, after a go karting incident this weekend, has left me with many bruises and a sprained wrist. Something which makes typing, and photo editing even slower than usual, so today's post is going to be short and sweet on the word front, but I thought it would be nice to share with you some snapshots of my trip to Lisbon! 

One of my favourite things about Lisbon was all the beautiful colours. The purples blossoms, the mosiaced buildings and the yellow trams, just gave the city such a bright and photogenic personality.

I loved been able to walk along the river front. Sometimes city breaks can feel a little hectic, but I think being placed on the river gives the city a much calmer feeling.

One of the things, I wish I'd done a little more research on before we went, was where to eat! We didn't have that many memorable meals, but we picked up a lot of delicious sweet treats, from churros, to Pastel de Nata's...

The Young Man was beginning to get a little bit fed up of me stopping to take a photo of a building every two minutes...

Lisbon involves a lot of uphill walking, but at least all the stunning views give you plenty of chance to stop and catch your breath! 

It wouldn't be a post about Lisbon without a photo or two of the iconic yellow trams!

I'll be sharing more from Lisbon once my hand feels up to it, but on yet another grey and wet Tuesday, I hope these snapshots can bring a little bit of sunshine to your screens! Looking back through them has definitely provided me with a welcome distraction from my aching bones, and I'm always looking for more travel inspiration, so let me know where you've been lately or where is next on your bucket list! x

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