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Wednesday 6 July 2016

I've mentioned Albert Schloss before as one of my favourite date spots in the North West. The Young Man and I really fell in love with it after visiting Berlin last November, and coming back with some serious German Beer House blues.

Albert Schloss, is a mix between a bar, a bakery and a restaurant. They post delicious looking cinabuns, waffles and sandwiches to their instagram every day, but before this weekend we'd never actually eaten their. With it being the Young Man's birthday, it seemed like the perfect excuse to book a table for brunch on Sunday morning (as if I needed a brunch excuse).

With a table booked for 12, I expected to see the place heaving as it usually is, but we almost had the place completely to ourselves, which was a rare treat! One of my favourite things about Albert Schloss is the interior design, with all the rose gold, copper piping, large wooden tables and even an open fire, it's actually a huge open space, and yet still feels cosy and intimate.

It also makes it VERY instagramable... something they are keen to promote, they even give out free mimosa's to anyone who posts a good photos and tags them in it! Yup, those are mimosa's in the photo's above, yup, my instagram got us free drinks, and it was pretty much the proudest moment of my instagramming life.

The menu was full of delicous options, and while I was tempted to just go for something from the bakery and a soya latte, the Young Man and I both opted for waffles, and they were utterly delicous! Even though the waffle machine malfunctioned and we had to wait a little longer than normal, they were well worth waiting for! Our plates were piled high with generous portions of waffle and toppings. The Young Man washed his down with a Salted Caramel Milkshake, which looked delicous, but with it being his birthday, I didn't think it was fair to make him wait while I photographed it.

Our brunch came to just over £20 for two of us which I think was pretty reasonably priced for the portion size and I'd definitely recommend heading to Albert Schloss, whether you're looking for brunch on a Sunday or drinks on a Saturday night, it's one of those very rare places that manages to do both, really really well.

Have you ever been to Albert Schloss? Or do you have another favourite brunch spot in Manchetser? x

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