Happy Friday no.14...

Friday 8 July 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? I haven't written a 'Happy Friday' post in basically a month, so brace yourselves folks this could be a long one...

I went to Lisbon!

And it was amazing and beautiful, and my only complaint is that my holiday just wasn't long enough! But then they never are, are they? I'll be sharing some more indepth posts and about where went and what we did in the next couple of weeks, but if you didn't see them already, I shared some snapshots in Tuesday's post.

We celebrated the Young Mans Birthday

And we had a lovely weekend full of vietnamese food, brunch and bowling! It was really nice to be the one in charge of treating him for a change! 

I went go-karting

Ok so my go karting experience was short lived, and in many ways a disaster. BUT, before I crashed into a giant metal pole, sprained my wrist and turned my body into the human equivelant of mouldy peach, I was, sort of, kind of enjoying it. Infact it was the enjoying it that probably caused me to crash! Point is, it was something I was a bit nervous about doing, and even though, I did actually crash, like I was dreading, it wasn't the worst thing to happen ever!

Seeing James Bay live at Castlefield Bowl

And he was obviously amazing! this is the only gig I've been to this year but it was definitely a goody! I love seeing music outside, even if it wasn't boiling hot and we weren't a festival, drinking cider, in a crowd and singing your heart really is an amazing thing.

My first Twitter chat

I took part in a twitter chat, and didn't get epically confused! Hurrah! Such a small thing, but it was really lovely to have people to properly talk about blogging with, and definitely brightened up an evening in the flat on my own. I want to get involved in more, so if you have any favourites let me know!

Work work work

Is it weird to put work on a happy list? Maybe, especially as I'm pretty sure it's featured in nearly all 13 of my lists so far. BUT I love my job, especially when I can get my teeth stuck into something, and start planning some exciting events, which I have been able to lately! Plus I've actually been in the office alone all week, which has been kind of nice. I mean rubbish timing having sprained my wrist and therefore struggled with the kettle, but still sort of nice!

My photo was shared by A Beautiful Mess

I honestly could not believe it when I saw a notification saying 'A Beautiful Mess had mentioned me in a comment.' I thoght it must have been a fake account or something, but when I realised it was the real deal, I silently freaked out at my desk, and spent the rest of the day refreshing the page. That's pretty sad isn't it? Still I've had some pretty big instagram moments lately, I reached my first ever 100 likes for a photo AND I scored us some free drinks through posting a photo while at Albert Schloss last week, so I'm basically a pro now.

Oh and if you don't already, you can follow me here.

Your comments on my post about Brexit

I don't think it is exagerating to say, it's been a bit doom and gloom in the UK lately. It was certainly getting a bit much for me and I really needed to write it out, and I was so glad to see from all your comments that I wasn't alone in my thoughts and feeling on the world, when I published my post on Brexit etc. I've also been really proud to see just how many young women bloggers have used their platform to speak up about politics lately! Hurrah for being empowered!

I love writing these posts, because they remind me that despite, still having the holiday blues, and the UK being a mess, the weather being naff and being Mouldy Peach Woman, there is still a lot to be happy about! What's being making you happy lately? Let me know in the comments x

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