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Monday 11 July 2016

Hey everyone and a very Happy Monday! How was your weekend? You'll be glad to hear mine was a much calmer affair than weekends of late, and involved absolutely no accidents or damage to any of mine, or anyone else's, limbs!

Today I want to share with you some of the changes I'm planning on making to my blog. I was going to keep it all a bit of a mystery, and you might have seen I've mentioned a few times on twitter that change is coming, HOWEVER, keeping it a surprise just didn't feel right. Like somehow springing a whole new blog design, name, social media link, AND introducing new content on you might be just a bit much, and that you might have felt cheated in some way.

Maybe that is giving myself as a blogger too much credit, and maybe you don't pay all THAT much attention to this wee space, HOWEVER, while I know that my 'following' number isn't HUGE I know the majority of people who really read and interact here have been following on for a pretty long time now. Heck, I can name the majority of you! And your blogs! So I thought that not letting you in on what I had planned would be like turning up to a friends birthday party with a drastic new hair cut, a complete change of clothing style and maybe even some sort of whacky piercing. Underneath I'd still be the same person, but the surprise would probably distract from that for a fair while...

ANYWAY I'm rambling about why I'm sharing some changes with you instead of rambling about what the change will be, so moving on...

I'm going to change the name of my blog.

Tea in Your Twenties, has served me well for a couple of years now. When I first came up with Tea In Your Twenties (fun fact before TIYT it was 'Teacup Theatre') it fitted perfectly with what I wanted to share with the blogosphere. I was in the midst of what I guess you would call my quarter life crisis, and I felt the need to reach out and tell others that might be feeling equally as lots, that they were not alone, whilst also reassuring myself. This was where I came to gee myself up after something else had seemingly gone wrong, or another ugly doubt had raised it's head. It's where I came to test out my opinions, to air my hopes, and generally whinge that 'Urgh your twenties are hard and why does NOBODY warn you about this???' I wanted to write like I was chatting to a friend, I wanted to externalise all my internal over thinking, and hoped that others could relate.

In a lot of ways, my blog is still that space for me. I still want to write like I'm chatting to a friend. I still come here to air things out, and try things out, and gee myself up. I still have my doubts and my hopes and my dreams, but the name just doesn't fit right any more. It's like an old favourite dress, the style is still very me, but somehow, its not grown with me, it no longer fits where I want it to, or flaunt what I want it to flaunt. When I type tea In Your Twenties, out when leaving a comment on other peoples blogs, or tell people that name, I feel... embarrassed. It just feels a little too young.

Because, while I'm still in my twenties, they just don't seem as terrifying as they once did. I'm not as obsessed with figuring them out, and the things I occupy myself with now don't feel tied to my age. In basic terms, I think i'm over my Quarter Life Crisis.

I know who I am now, and what I want, and while I will no doubt change in the coming years, that doesn't scare me.

So I'm letting go of 'Tea in your Twenties' and trying a new name on for size... 'A Cup of Creative'

What do you think? Go easy on me, because choosing a name is FLIPPING HARD, but I have my reasons.

I wanted a name that still felt like the same blog, that summed up the idea that hopefully reading one of my posts is like hving a cuppa with a friend, but at the same time honed in on who I am and what I do, not just as a blogger but as a writer, programmer and general all round theatre person. For a LONG time I've struggled with working out how my blog fits with my career, but at the heart of both those things I want to encourage people to be creative. Whether that's being creative in the way you see the word, or actually picking up a script or a pair of scissors and making something. I don't see creativity as a talent you have or you don't, not to sound to cheesey, but I think creativity is a way of life, and I think a lot of you guys see it that way too.

So going forward I want my blog to be a place for chatting about the world, and the things that I love and inspire me, and I want to share other peoples stories too, and this is where you guys come in...

I want to start a new interview series called 'A Cup of Creative with...' where I want to chat really openly WITH YOU about your creativity. Whether you're a photographer, a stylist, a shop owner, or an accountant. I'll be starting to email some of you who are on my hit list pretty soon but if you'd like to be included let me know in the comments below!

So saying good bye to 'Tea in Your Twenties' is obviously the biggest change. I'll be changing all my social media handles over gradually, so I won't be disappearing off your feeds just showing up under a different name, and I'll also be changing my domain over. Another reason I wanted to forewarn you, cos I'm sure you'll know from your own blogs that redirecting domains and bloglovin etc. is never as simple as it sounds!

The name change is also the perfect excuse for a bit of a make over, and that will probably be the first change you see happen, because, basically, I'm impatient.

I'm sure with all this some other changes will fall into place. I'd like to up my social media game and get a bit more goal orientated with my blog, but that's all behind the scenes stuff,and I haven't actually planned that out yet, so no point discussing here!

I'm hoping that everything will be live by my 26th birthday on the 31st of August, and by putting this out there you can hold me accountable!

So, what do you think? Do you like the name? Do you hate the sound of what I have planned for content? Let me know any ideas or thoughts you have, I'd love to get your feedback. I even thought about doing a reader survey but like I said, I could just as easily email and ask those of you most likely to read this individually!

I'm really excited and much more motivated than I have been with this space in a so I hope you love it, but hit me with your honesty! x

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