A spot of late September sunshine & a good old catch up...

Friday 25 September 2015

Happy Friday everyone! How are you? I can't believe how quickly this week has zipped by, and while I'm not in the business of wishing my life away or living for the weekend, I am excited to find myself presented with another one so soon after the last!

Today I thought we'd have a proper good old fashioned catch up. I've talked a lot lately about the big things and big thoughts I've been having, and I've been listing the small happy things regularly but I still don't feel like we've chatted about how it all adds up for a while.

I think half the reason I don't feel live WE'VE caught up in a while, is because I don't feel like I've caught up yet with everything that has been going on. Much like this blog has felt like one big THOUGHT or event after another so has life, until last Saturday I got a whole day to myself and everything really began to sink in. I don't know what it was like in the rest of the country but over here in the North West Saturday was full of gorgeous September sunshine. I got up late, pottered around the house, putting all those little things back in the right place and sticking some washing on, and then decided it was too nice a day to spend entirely on house work!

So I wandered into town, one of my favourite things about where I live right now, is that town is a 10 minute walk down the oad, and on the days when you don't feel like a big adventure, then a small town fits the bill perfectly. I'd been itching to find some ankle boots for the past cople of weeks (insert blogger/autumnal cliche here) and even though I am on a strict budget at the moment I had saved up a little for the pinterest worthy perfect pair. Which I found in New Look hidden away behind row upon row of other not so perfect boots, and with only 2 pairs left, one in my size. I think that was fate don't you? Not only that but I even had £5 left over which didn't last long, as a quick look at the TopShop sale rail found me purchasing, an equally perfect pair of collote shorts... for EXACTLY five of your english pounds. Fate. Definitely fate.

Then I grabbed a take away coffee (soya latter with a hazlenut syrup, because again, Autumn is made for flavoured syrups) before wadering back out of town, and into the park. My pod casts finished, and my phone has very little music on so instead I decided to just listen to my thoughts, take in the gorgeous weather and really process what has happened in the past couple of weeks, and months really!

I think the start of Autumn has made me realise just how happy a busy blur Spring and Summer became, what with weekends away, and getting used to new things, while finally feeling settled with the things that were starting to age. Plus I've really been working on my goals and my whats recently and seeing changes there, and there are more changes happening at work. I realised it had been a long time since I'd had a whole day to myself. It felt like a real luxury to just sit there and sip my coffee knowing that I had no where to be and no one else to please. 

I get so caught up with being busy, that I often feel guilty for taking a moment to myself, but Saturday was totally guilt free. Sunday I met up with a long overdue catch up with Sarah, and then Monday it was of course back to work. Other than that, I've started working on my new show, scheduling out evenings in the library and meetings with people I want to get involved. I've really been loving blogging lately (you know how it can be with the ebb and flow of these things) so spending some time working on this little space has felt great. The young man is of course as wonderful as ever. It was one of my best friends birthdays this week, and we still need to fit in a celebration for that. I'm battling on with my driving lessons, even though most of the time I feel like it is a lost cause, and other than that it's just been cups of cocoa wrapped up in blankets with the window open. enjoying the cool air before it gets so cold it will turn my hot chocolate into a lollypop!

And that's really what life has looked like lately, how about you? Have you got a little caught up with the change of seasons too lately? And is it about time you scheduled a date with yourself this weekend?

Live life & take it all in x

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