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Friday 21 April 2017

Hey everyone and happy Friday! 

How has your week been? Disorientated after the long weekend? Yeah me too! It's amazing how four days off can feel like the longest time. In fact it's barely been a month since I last posted an update about what I'd been up to lately, and yet I feel like so much has happened since then! So in that blogger cliched way, grab a tea or a coffee and lets catch up!

. Lately I've Been... enjoying spending a Sunday afternoon with Lucy, eating Avocado and Lime cheesecake at Evelyn's in Manchester, and then going to the cinema to watch Table 19.

. Lately I've Been... working really hard on my instagram theme -anyone else feel like an absolute tool for saying that? But it's true, I knew I needed to get better at including negative space in my photos, and I think I'v finally settled on an editing style I love. Also after last weekends drama, I did a massive cull of anyone I suspected of using bots (which probably made me look a bit like I was using a bot!)

. Lately I've Been... really looking forward to a weekend away in Lincoln with some of my favourite people. We head over tonight - so if anyone has any Lincoln recommendations let me know!

. Lately I've Been... binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix - is life on the upper East Side really like that? I guess I'll never know!

. Lately I've Been... glad to finally have the Young Man back and all up in my grill.

. Lately I've Been... dispairing at the thought of a snap general election.. I just... I can't

. Lately I've Been... living in my dungaree dress from H&M even if it isn't quite the weather for it yet!

. Lately I've Been... enjoying a weekend at home in York for Easter and looking forward to m Lil'sis returning from America in 6 weeks!

. Lately I've Been... planning my trip to this years Brighton fringe! Fingers crossed it's as sunny as last year!

. Lately I've Been... wondering whether or not I should start a newsletter? I have so many ideas for my Monday posts, and not enough Mondays to post them!

. Lately I've Been... fleshing out ideas for new shows, and looking for more freelance work.

. Lately I've Been... putting together a storytelling festival and planning out the Autumn season for work.

. Lately I've Been... seriously falling behind on my Good Reads challenge for the year! I've had a bit of a spell of boring books so if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears!

. Lately I've Been... thinking I need to cut down on my coffee intake! Shakes when I drink it, headaches when I don't is a viscous cycle I'd very much like to break!

And I think that's it! What have you been up to lately? x

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