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Wednesday 8 June 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! As I'm currently getting giddy about flying off to Lisbon tomorrow I thought I had better get around to actually sharing my photos from the trip to Brighton I took at the beginning of May!

While I was actually in Brighton for the fringe festival with work, the gorgeous weather and being joined by the Young Man definitely gave me that summer holiday feeling! Plus, I say it was work trip, but when your job is to go and see lots of theatre, it is never going to feel too much like work. Well, at least if you love theatre as much as I do it isn't! Anyway back to Brighton... 

I'd visited Brighton once before a couple of years back, again for the fringe and again technically for work, so I remembered that it was a pretty wonderful place, but also hadn't felt I'd really seen all that much of it. I definitely made up for that this time! What with walking inbetween venues dotted all over the city and the fact that we were actually staying out in Hove, we were easily doing over 30,000 steps a day! But when you're walking along the beach front and the sun is shining, not a single one of those steps feels like too much effort.

I'd booked our accommodation out in Hove, because it was the cheapest double bed, private bathroom accommodation I could find. Brighton is not a cheap weekend away unfortunately! We stayed at the SoBo guest house, which, in all honesty I wouldn't really recommend, but it wasn't the worst place in the world, and didn't really impact how much we enjoyed our stay too much. Plus it was just around the corner from an amazing bakery called 'Sugardough' where I had the best almond croissant of my life, and we started most days with a trip there and a coffee to go as we strolled into the town centre. While I wouldn't recommend where we stayed, I wouldn't rule out Hove, it's impossible to tell where Brighton ends and Hove begins and while it's a fair walk to the main peer and city centre, there are plenty of busses that run - something I only discovered on my very last night there!

As you can probably see from these photos, we really couldn't have asked for better weather. We both caught the sun a little! We spent a lot of time at the sea front, because there was such a good atmosphere, with bars spilling out onto the board walk, and everyone making the most of what seemed like the beginning of summer!

I think one of my favourite things about Brighton is that it is the perfect combination of city and seaside. When you're in the lanes or walking along the busy high street it is easy to forget you're only a stones throw away from the sea, but then you'll catch a glimpse of it at the end of the road and instantly be able to taste doughnuts.

We spent a lot of the weekend eating some pretty amazing food! Whether that was Doughnuts on the peer, gelato from Jojos, our Sugardough breakfast, or a healthy buffet from Foodylic it's safe to say you are spoilt for choice in Brighton. Whether you fancy spanish sandwiches, fish and chips or just a really good cup of coffee! We went past several places that caused the young man to say 'That's so disgustingly you' and he was right, if it hadn't of been gorgeous weather, I didn't have work to do, and he hadn't there, I'd have quite happily spent most of my trip cafe hopping from one soya latte to the next!

We also spent a morning quite happily wandering through the lanes. Unfortunately it was a bit too hot for rummaging through all the vintage shops, but again, on another day, I'm sure I'd have come away with at least another suitcase worth of clothes, knick knacks!

I absolutely loved Brighton, and would definitely like to head back there for another weekend maybe next summer. I think it's just one of those places that you can't really get bored of. What with the beautiful pavilion, the picturesque beach huts and the thriving city, if it wasn't for the price tag that the train and accommodation came with, I'd visit all the time! 

Have you ever been to Brighton? Do you have any staycations planned this summer? x

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