Thursday, 23 February 2017

Photo Diary | Lyon

Hi guys, how are you? This week feels very long after last weeks 3 day treat, but it's been a really productive one! I've done a lot of focusing and thinking about the future (at the moment I'm all about gaining some clarity on my wants and needs - blog post coming soon!) and all of this has left me longing for a real holiday. Because nothing really clears your mind like a trip abroad does it (and if you're not convinced read Sophie's post about how getting away can do just that!)?

However, while the Young Man might be jet setting off here there and everywhere, I'm stuck here in the UK probably until June. I shouldn't complain though because I know others won't of been on holiday in years (bin there sista) and while it might feel like forever ago, it isn't actually that long since I was in Lyon.

So to remind myself of that I thought I'd share a little photo diary with you here today!

Hope you like them!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Finding My Voice

M O R N I N G  M O N D A Y !

Hey, everyone, how are you? How was your weekend? Mine was quiet but productive. I created a little 'get your shit together retreat' for myself and I have to say it's done wonders! I really felt like I needed to press the reset button, so I cleaned and tidied my flat and spent a lot of time working stuff out, and now for the first time in a while I feel like I am back on top of things.

Back on top of things, doesn't necessarily mean I have accomplished everything off my to do list. In fact while I started the weekend thinking that the aim was to finish things, I realised the real purpose of the weekend was to work out what I wanted to get started. Sure I have ongoing projects and I made progress with them over the last couple of days, but it was more about working out where those things fit into the bigger picture. What comes next? Where am I heading? Is that where I want to go?

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Trying Hair Extensions For the First Time With Irresistible Me

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! I know you don’t normally hear from me on a Saturday but I’m trying something new on the blog today, so it felt appropriate to try it out on a new day!

Today is officially my first ever Hair and Beauty post! At the beginning of this year I decided to play around more with the content of my blog and that included trying my hand out at new types of content. Last year I got really bogged down with trying to have a niche, and in all honesty it took away all the fun from blogging for me. I like that my blog is an online scrap book of my life, like a personal diary - with a little bit of filtering. And guess what? I spend a lot of my life playing with my hair and then vacuuming it off the floor.

I have A LOT of hair. It’s thick and strong, and at the moment fairly long, but not as long as it used to be.