Why it's important to have space to play

At the beginning of this year I made a vow to write here, or in a personal form, at least once a week. It only takes quick glance at my last post, and it's 'January' title to realise that I haven't exactly honoured my new year vow.

It's been an odd start to the year. Plenty of varied freelance work has come in, and that's kept me motivated and interested but I've also had one or two professional disappointments lately which has left me feeling dejected, and worn down. Outside of work there's been a similar juxtaposition. Weekends have been spent enjoying home comforts, down time, and exploring Didsbury. Week nights have been dedicated to problem solving and honouring a commitment, which in hindsight I wasn't ready to make (sorry I'll have to remain vague on that one!).

All this has left me in a funny old headspace, and while in many ways writing is my go to 'sort your head out' tool, in other ways, that too comes with a certain amount of pressure. I just don't enjoy journaling like I used to, and when it comes to blogging writing on the internet I feel guilty for having neglected this space so much over the past 18 months. A guilt which feeds that little voice in my head that viscously whispers 'well if you're going to post, you'd better make it a good one.' Not only that, but I feel like my writing will always be connected to my work (even if I so rarely get paid for it) making it difficult to switch off and just type.

I'm not just telling you this as some long winded excuse for my online absence but to highlight that sometimes our creative outlet isn't always the release you would hope it to be. Especially when that creativity is part of your day job.

Work Lately | January

Hey everyone, and happy just another grey and wet January Thursday...

Toward the end of last year I wrote this post all about not promoting the work I do enough so in a bid to change that, and to give myself some sort of blog structure, I've decided to write relatively regular updates here that give a brief insight into the projects I'm currently working on.

Just in case you're new to this blog than as a brief overview, I work full time as a creative producer... which basically means I make arty things (workshops, theatre shows, gigs, festivals etc.) happen, and most of the arty things I make happen to involve encouraging people who might not normally be interested in that type of thing to get involved. I am also the annoying type of person that loves their job, no two days are the same, and the projects I work on mean I'm always trying, doing and learning something new. So now everybody is caught up, here are the projects I'm currently working on...

Up-And-At-Em 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Today is my first day back in the office, I’m make up free after a reluctant start to the day, and severely missing my pyjamas. So you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve already ditched my new year mantra of ‘up and at’em’ but I’m still in that post-festive lull, and who said mantras had to kick in straight away anyway?

And while longing for my pyjamas might not exactly scream a go get them mentality, I am beginning to feel that New Year energy kick in (as my New Years Eve hangover, oh so very slowly, fades away).

2017 was a good steady year, but very little changed in my life. Things definitely progressed but in a slow quiet way - and while some years that’s the kind of progression you need, for a while now I’ve been feeling more like a passenger in my own life rather than the driver. And, much like with my actual driving lessons, I’m ready to get behind the wheel.

So this year my mantra is ‘up and at’em.’ And this is something I want to apply to the most every day of things, from getting up before the 87th snooze button, to pushing myself to do just one more thing on my to-do list. And while it might sound contradictory, I want to apply ‘up and at’em’ to my downtime and self-care too - rather than half-heartedly switching off, watching Netflix for hours on end, I want to do it properly.

That’s the general ethos around my mantra for the year, but here are the ways I plan on applying that mantra to specific areas of my life.
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