This Week I've Been...

Friday 24 March 2017

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, how has your week been? This is not the post I had planned for today, but things came up, and life got in the way and instead that post will have to wait for another day.

So instead of using a busy life as an excuse to not post, I thought I'd use it as post material. Albeit a short and sweet one, here is a sneak peak at what life has looked like for me this week, what I've been doing, what I've been loving, and what I've been thinking about.

. This week I've been.... looking forward to heading to Craft Vintage 'Spring By The Lake' tomorrow with Lucy. If you love all things hand made, crafty or vintage then these events are great, plus this weekends event is at Brockholes nature reserve, which when the weather is like this, is BEAUTIFUL. Tickets for Saturday available here, and Sunday here.

. This week I've been... working on finishing off my second freelance commission of the year. Working with a group of young people to come up with some form of dramatic presentation around the theme of 'Bridging Blackburn.' This has been a really challenging project for me in a lot of ways, but hopefully it all pays off when they go on stage tonight!

. This week I've been... looking forward to seeing my new blog logo. I've finally taken the plunge and ordered a hand made one. Hopefully something that fits both my blog and my freelance work!

. This week I've been... to watch a folk band in a library!

. This week I've been.... soaked to the bone, when I got caught out without a brolly in Manchester!

. This week I've been... a bit daft and waaaaay overpaid for a notebook (even by my standards), and now I feel obliged to start a bullet journal with it. Any tips or guides to getting started you might have send them my way!

. This week I've been... watching new episodes of Once Upon A Time and just wishing Regina could get her happy ending.

. This week I've been... enjoying making green smoothies for breakfast, I always up my health game at this time of year, and believe this year I really need it!

. This week I've been... missing the Young Man who is away in New York (again)

. This week I've been... recovering from experiencing the worlds worst hangover last Sunday - you know the type that even when it's gone, it stays with you?

. This week I've been... reading 'The Problem With Goats and Sheep' which probably deserves a proper review, but you know how bad I am at getting those up!

. This week I've been... freaked out that it's nearly April, not only because time goes by so fast blah blah blah, but I have a couple of work events in April that have now really snuck up on me!

. This week I've been... loving my real techniques make up blender - so much softer than my Primark one!

And that's about it. Now that's it's on screen it doesn't seem like I've been that busy, but it certainly feels like I have, and I'm very much looking froward to a bit of a life admin day on Sunday (I'll be following my tips from this post!). What have you been up to this week? x

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