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Tuesday 6 December 2016

H A P P Y  D E C E M B E R !

I know I've posted already this month, but I don't think I've actually said that yet!

I'm cheating a little this month as instead of picking just one word to focus on, I'm going with two - but Christmas is a time to over indulge right? And other than 'over indulging' there are only two other words I could possibly have chosen to focus on this festive season... happy and grateful.

December for many of us will be a time to reflect, on the good and the not so good. Like you I am contemplating what HAS TO CHANGE for 2017 but in a year that has been tough for many of us, I want to make sure that I not only focus on all the good but that I let the world know just how grateful I am for it.

I already keep a list of things that have made me happy each day in my Happiness Planner, but this month I want to make a point of sharing those things with other people. Of course, I'm not about to start running down the road screaming 'thaaaannnnkkkkks' at the dog hanging outside the car window (even though he totally made my day) but I could make a point of sharing this moment of happiness over on twitter. Especially as I've seen a lot of people using the #todayImgrateful hashtag recently!

As well as focusing on the good things that happen to me each day I want to make plenty of time to plan things with the sole purpose of being happy. A bit like my alternative to-do list, December will be all about carving out time to spend with family, soak up the Christmas spirit (and spirits), ad intentionally making sure each day has something to look forward in it. Maybe that's sitting with a festive flavoured coffee and reading my book for an hour, or maybe it's a planned night out. December is a time to enjoy the good things no matter how big or small they maybe.

But it's not only my own happiness I want to focus on this month. I'm making a real effort to share that happiness. Christmas presents for loved ones are going to be thought out and personal and outside my nearest and dearest I'm making a point of donating something to the food bank every time I'm at the supermarket, or helping out a mum with her hands full in the coffee line.

Keeping a personal journal of all the good things in life is a great way of reminding myself of how happy I am, but happiness is a dish best shared. So this month along with passing around the canapes and the quality street lets make an effort to share our happiness, with those we love and those we don't even know.

Happy December everyone! Lots of love, gratitude, happiness and cliches xx

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