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Friday 2 December 2016

One of the most popular posts I've ever written is "How To Share The Love As A Blogger& Why It's Important." I started that post by stating that I am in no means a ln expert blogger. In fact I have another post currently say in my drafts titled "Technically - I'm a bad blogger" That still stands, I'm not an expert and as a rule I steer clear of "how to's" when it comes to blogging. Mainly because if I concern myself too much with all the things I SHOULD be doing, I'd never get around to actually posting. And my posting is sporadic enough as it is!

However, like sharing the love there is one thing I think is super important when it comes to blogging.  Commenting.

The thing I love most about blogging is interaction. I'm not here for the page views but I will admit that I judge a post's success on the amount of comments it gets. Most of my writing, I like to think is conversational. I'm putting my thoughts and ideas out there into the world to see what the world throws back at me.

When I was at my lowest loneliest point, blogging got me through, because from other bloggers I knew I wasn't alone. From the comments they left me and the posts they too were writing. 

In my 'Sharing the Love' post I wrote that not interacting with other bloggers was a bit like:
"Standing in a room talking to myself... because I'd turned up at the party and locked myself away in a bathroom, instead of getting involved and engaging in other peoples conversations before trying to start my own."
When someone takes the time to leave me a comment where they've really engaged with my post it honestly makes my day, and so when I have loved a post I try to do the same. I try to leave A REAL PROPER GOOD COMMENT.

And those words are in capitals for a reason. Because while I love comments, not all comments are equal.

I tend to see comments falling into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. A PROPER GOOD COMMENT - one that's engaged and interesting and starts a conversation 
  2.  The 'hey I'm busy but I'm still here' comment - this is the type of comment I leave if I'm not really engaged in blogging at the moment but I want people to know I'm still here and I still love them and what they are doing. This will tend to be a one liner that doesn't invite a reply
  3. The Link Leaving Guilty Comment - we've all had them, and we've all done them. This is the comment that exists purely so that someone can leave you their link. Something completely none committal, and has no real engagement with what's actually in the post. Eg. 'Great post, I think you'll like my blog'
All of this by the way, also applies to instagram...

I have definitely left and received all three types of comments before now (and probably will be guilty of doing the same in the future) but I always at least TRY to leave the first type.

But it's not always easy right? Sometimes you read a post and you've LOVED it, and you want to let the writer know that, but like when you have bloggers block sometimes the words just don't come. Or they do come but they sound cheesey or weird, like you're screaming at some one BE MY FRIEND (which in my head I probably am). Or you write something and you're not sure whether your good intentions have come across properly, and you worry 'Am I talking too much about me? Does that make sense? Will they think I'm just spamming?'

I get these feelings ALL THE TIME. But, I just try to ask myself 'if this was my post and somebody left me this comment would it make my day?'

So, here's the breakdown of what I think makes a PROPER GOOD COMMENT:

A little bit of R&R*

*Read and Respond...

I don't know about you, but I sometimes get comments where it feels like the person hasn't actually read the post!  Maybe they've read the title and then scrolled right down and left a comment based on what they've presumed the post to be about, or maybe it just says something like 'Great Post' sure it's nice to hear, but I want to know WHY you think that, which leads me on to...

Penny For Your Thoughts

Whether it's a post on politics or a wish list, give your opinion on what's been said! Even if you don't agree (as long as you're respctful)! Maybe this isn't true for everyone, but I put my posts out there to start a conversation, so if you've read it and have an opinion on it let me know! Even if that opinion is simply 'Yes I Agree' then back it up with...

All of Me Wants All of You

Not as creepy as it sounds. What I mean by this, is that after you've given me an opinion I want to know why you thought that. I love comments that show me a little bit of who you are, where you've come from, what you're like. Basically here, what I'm saying is, show me some personality. If you're commenting on a post because you love somebodies outfit, why do you love it? Where would you wear it? If you disagree with an opinion expressed why? Is there a story behind it? Have you had a particular experience that's made you think differently?

I Hate Full Stops

Hopefully if you've done the top three then this one will come naturally, but in your comment open up the conversation. Give something for me to respond too. Or if for the life of you you haven't got an opinion on what has been said, then maybe you have a question about it! Comment sections for me are a bit like social media, I want to be able to get to know you more! If all you write is 'Great Post' then all I can reply with is 'Thanks' and there ends what could have been a beautiful friendship.

Hey Girl I Just Met You & This Is Crazy...

But leave your link so I can stalk you later (that sort of fits to Carly Rae, right?). Now, I know some people HATE this, but if you've left me a PROPER GOOD COMMENT then chances are I'm going to want to know more about you! So on any blog post of mine you ever comment on please PLEASE leave your link! Hey even if the blog post isn't mine, leave your link, because I actually read comments on other peoples blogs too, it tends to be where I go to find new people to follow!

So to recap, in a more succinct and sensible manner, here's my 5 tips to leaving a good comment:
  1. Read and respond to the actual post
  2. Give an opinion
  3. Show some personality
  4. Open up the conversation
  5. Leave a link
How does that sound? Does this help with your comment-block and what do you think makes a good comment? Please let me know in, you guessed it... the comments x

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