A DIY Festive Coffee Bar & Beanies Flavoured Coffee Review

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Hey everyone! How are you? Have you finished work yet? Or are you keeping your head down until 5pm on Friday! I'm hoping to set my out of office tomorrow afternoon, but we shall see how the to do list is looking! Today is actually my sister - Mini J's -birthday so normally I'm all wrapped up in my Christmas PJs by now, but she is currently away in America for a year, so Christmas is already feeling a little different this year. No doubt the day itself will be filled with the same level of food but with much more skype time than ever before.

Hopefully, by now you've finished all the shopping, you may even have done your wrapping (I like leaving mine to Christmas eve) and now all that's left to do is eat all the mince pies and maybe add the finishing touches to your plans for the BIG DAY, which is exactly what today's post is about!

No doubt over the last month you've consumed your weight in festive coffees in red/knitted/boring blue (seriously - does anyone go to Cafe N?) take away cups, but if your house is anything like mine, your hot beverage intake is only set to increase over the next week! The kettle in our house barely ever gets chance to cool down (sorry environment) and that's even less likely to happen when we're all at home all day and guests are around. So this year instead of brushing up my waitress skills (jokes - there still on point from all those years) I've decided to create a DIY Festive Coffee Bar Station.

I got this idea from a sponsored post on Instagram, I think it was Tescos? For a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar. The idea is really simple! You simply set up a table or Kitchen Surface with all the ingredients people need to make themselves a festive treat. On mine I'm going to include:

🎄Cute Festive Mugs (mine was from Starbucks but I also have some very sweet ones from the poundshop)
🎄 Coffee and Flavoured Syrups or Beanies Festive Flavoured Instant Coffee 
🎄 Whipped Cream
🎄 Chocolate and Candy Sprinkles
🎄 Candy Canes
🎄 Mini Gingerbread Men
🎄 Baileys / Whisky / Any Alcohol You Want
🎄 How chocolate Powder (for those who prefer Mochas)

Beanies very kindly sent me a Mini Xmas stash of their festive flavoured instant coffees. The Flavours include, Winter Warmer, Mulled Wine and Christmas Pudding.

As a rule I much prefer fresh coffee to instant, and while the Beanies coffee hasn't changed my mind on that but I liked the fun flavours and with it being instant it makes it so easy - and perfect for a DIY Coffee Bar. My favourite of the three has to be the Christmas Pudding one. To me the Winter Warmer one was way to subtle and I can't really get my head around the idea of a Mulled Wine flavoured coffee (coffee should be coffee - wine should be wine!). I did find you had to make them quite strong to get any real flavour but that might be because I'm used to the strong stuff!

Overall, as I said, I still prefer fresh coffee, but I really like the concept of these. The packaging was also really nice and would make a great gift for some one who is just getting into coffee. I'll definitely be putting them out on my DIY Coffee Bar this Christmas and I'll keep my eye out for their other flavours next time I'm in the coffee aisle - I hear they also have a Chocolate Orange flavoured one which sounds way more up my street than Mulled Wine and when I finally tire of Christmas flavoured everything I'd love to try their Cocconut Delight Flavour!

Will you be trying out a DIY Coffee Bar this Christmas? And what will you include on yours? x

ps. I was sent the Beanies Coffee to review for free, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions, as always are my own.

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