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Friday 4 November 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been tiring but good and I'm finally back blogging after nearly a 3 week hiatus. A lot can happen in 3 weeks, and as much as I moaned that October wasn't exactly great for me, so much happened, and much of that was actually really good!  So I thought in the spirit of catching up and acknowledging all the things that weren't naff about last month I'd do a little taking stock post!

Making... the most of my time off and getting lots of much need R&R

Cooking... Lemon Chicken Soup, I will not catch a cold! Recipe here.

Drinking... chai tea lattes

Reading... 'The Forgetting Time' by Sharon Guskin (I definitely need to get into the habit of regular bookshelf posts!)

Wanting... so many blanket scarves!

Looking... for a new coat and having no luck whatsoever!

Playing... with my new camera

Deciding... where to go for our Christmas break.

Wishing... that every weekend could be a weekend away!

Enjoying... spending time with friends away from day to day life

Watching... EVERYTHING! Seriously all my favourite programmes have started again. Ooo and Westworld.

Waiting... anxiously for people to buy tickets to the events I've organised this season at work (so many anxiety based dreams!)

Eating... cheese and spaghetti hoop toasties - my ultimate comfort food

Wondering... what it would be like not to work in the arts

Loving... our trip to Dublin!

Hoping... that things take an upwards turn for the end of the year!

Needing... some motivation!

Smelling... the sweet aroma of a burnt chopping board when I accidentally set mine on fire!

Wearing... my M&S Pinafore Culotte jumpsuit

Following... @sweptawaybybooks on Instagram and the horror that is the American Election

Noticing... The beautiful sunrises and sunsets

Knowing... that it's not all bad

Thinking... about Christmas shopping (so organised for me!)

Feeling... poorly after a tummy bug struck me down for a week!

Learning... How to use my camera at night, with a guided walk around Manchester 

Giggling... at the young man as always

How was your October overall? Do you have any exciting plans for bonfire weekend? x

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