I really needed a break...

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Hello everyone! Happy November! How the heckers are you? I know, it's been a while.

Normally after accidental blogging breaks I start my first post back with an apology or a promise to do better but to be honest? I'm kind of over beating myself up about blogging, and not only that, but as a reader I genuinely don't expect apologies from my favourite bloggers when they take a break. We all take breaks, don't we? We all have emails that go unanswered, commments we know should be replied to and, no doubt a hundred posts we SHOULD have written. But nobody in the ENTIRE world, blogger or no blogger, is on top of their game all of the time.

The fact is everybody needs a break. 

Ideally I'd have liked to have taken a break from everything but my blog. But life doesn't work like that does it? I can't just take a break from work whenever I feel like it. I have commitments, and bills to pay and unfortunately there are some things in life that you have to just get on with. So blogging was the thing to go. Blogging doesn't pay my bills (nor do I want it to), blogging doesn't have deadlines, other than the ones I set myself, and blogging isn't something I ever want to feel like I'm 'just getting on with.' So when there were so many other things taking up my brain space that couldn't be put aside, blogging could be.

This post isn't an apology or an excuse, because I don't ever want to feel guilty about my blog and I don't want you to feel guilty about yours either.

I know you understand. You understand that self care is important. You understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed, or stressed out, or upset. You understand, just like I understand when you need a break. I guess, it's about time, we took all that understanding and applied it to ourselves.

I really needed that break. Without it, every post I wrote would have been tinged with negativity. And that's not what I want this space to be. Yes I want to be honest and hold my hands up and say 'hey not everything is rosy all the time' bu I don't want to put all my problems on the internet, and I don't want it to be a pitty party for one. Without that break who knows how long I'd have continued to feel the way I was feeling? Who knows how much worse that feeling may or may not have got?

And while those feelings may not have entirely disappeared they are definitely on the up, and I know that getting back into my usual routine will now keep them heading in the right direction.

So it's a new month and I'm back to blogging. Not everything about October was all bad, but I'm definitely glad the new month is here. I'm looking forward to getting back into my interviews with creatives which I've decided to publish once a month now instead of once a week. I'm looking forward to refocusing, and choosing a new word for the month, and I'm looking forward to the rest of what 2016 has to offer.

I'm looking forward to feeling a bit more like my usual self.

Thanks for sticking with me everyone, and if you ever need a break, believe me, I get it x

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