A peek inside my Happiness Planner (Happy Friday no.19)...

Friday 30 September 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been tiring, but in a really really good way. So while right now I'm sipping coffee like there's no tomorrow I'm very very content. And what better time to write a happy list than when you're truly in that 'appreciating life' spot? Most bloggers who post happy lists, post them every week. You might have noticed, I only manage to get my Happy Friday posts out fortnightly. There's two reasons for this. The first is, posting a happy list every week just doesn't leave me enough room in my editorial calendar to post all the different types of content I want to. The second... the second is a little more self conscious...

The reason I don't post a happy list every week, is because I'm worried that I wouldn't have enough exciting happy things to talk about.

That's not to say I don't live an extremely happy life I do, I really do. But when I sit down to type up exactly what has made me happy, I sometimes struggle to pin point those smaller moments or second guess myself thinking 'is that really any interest to other people?'

How unbelievably stupid is that?

Very. Because the reasons bloggers, myself included, sarted posting these happy lists is to celebrate the little everyday moments and triumphs that keep us smiling day in, day out.

So... this week, instead of over thinking my list, and what I share with you. I'm going open book...

Or to be more precise: Open Happiness Planner.

For my birthday last month, Young Man, bought me a 52 week Happiness Planner. As well as using the planner to plan out some happiness goals, and live more intentionally, I've been making a conscious effort to jot down the happy moments from every day. That might be a quiet moment to myself, an achievement or something a little bigger like I would normally celebrate here. So without too much rambling here is everything that's made me happy over the last 14 days, big small and everything in between...
  1. Reaching 10,000 steps a day 
  2. Reading my book
  3. Seeing a dog hanging his head out of the window of a driving car
  4. Gorgeous autumnal weather
  5. Watching the sunset over the hills while driving down the motorway
  6. Sipping a chai latte in between dashing around for work
  7. Watching a script I wrote being performed and hearing the wonderful feedback
  8. Baking cookies
  9. Running
  10. Turning my music up after a long day and having a dance party for one 
  11. Watching a toddler drive around in a toy car having a whale of a time
  12. Speaking to my parents on the phone
  13. It still being warm enough to have ice cream outside
  14. The launch of a new project going really well at work
  15. Having some time to myself on an evening to journal
  16. Scented candles!
  17. Reaching 330 followers on bloglovin'
  18. Getting paid for my freelance work and realistically being able to afford a new camera
  19. Taking part in twitter chats
  20. Interviewing people for upcoming blog posts!
  21. Having a very domestic weekend with Young Man
  22. Finally getting started with writing a new show!
  23. Completing my to do list at work
  24. Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon A Time new seasons starting!
  25. New autumnal clothes
  26. And coloured tights to go with them
  27. Getting a chance to see an ACTUAL Guru Kathak dance
  28. Seeing my incredibly talented friends performing on stage
  29. And getting a chance to grab a drink before and after with them too
  30. Wandering around Altrincham Markets in the September sunshine
  31. Deciding to go home this weekend
  32. Video calling the young man!
  33. Bossing it in meetings at work
And that is everything I wrote down in my Happiness Planner in the past two weeks! I really loved putting this together! So nice to remember just how happy some of these tiny moments made me, because writing them down on the day is one thing, but going back and appreciating them all over again is another thing! What do you think to this list format? Now that I'm doing it I'm considering changing my happy lists completely and doing one long list every month instead? How does that sound to you? 

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and remember to appreciate all the moments, big or as small as they may be! x

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