Altrincham Markets

Friday 29 April 2016

Despite only having visited twice, Altrincham Markets has become one of my favourite places in Manchester. The Young Man first introduced me on a Thursday evening, after I'd had a pretty long day and was looking forward to a glass of wine. The minute I walked in, I felt relaxed and happy, despite the fact that the market hall was packed, because it reminded me so much of the Street Food market we visited in Berlin, that I was immediately transported back into that happy holiday state.

The main refurbished Market House is filled with delicious smells from the wonderful food stalls that line the walls, and most of the time? People. It's a popular place, with long communal tables in the middle, where people share stone baked pizza, Thai food, traditional pies and pints of ale. It's a great place to go if everyone you're with fancy's something different for dinner! That first visit we shared a pizza from the Honest Crust stall, and I got that glass of wine, and most importantly a box of macarons to take home with me. I was already won over by the markets and I couldn't wait to go back again.Luckily I didn't have to wait too long, and we headed back there one Saturday afternoon when the sun was out, and Spring was in the air (remember that?). During the day the markets are much bigger, with stalls inside and outside the main Market House open for business, selling a variety of fresh food, street food, thrift, and vintage. Depending on which day you go on the stalls change, but the Saturday we were there there were so many beautiful handmade jewellery, homeware and vintage stalls that I could have spent a fortune! One of our favourite stalls was 'Vintage Honey Interiors' I loved the racket mirrors above, and the young man was very tempted by a up cycled beer bottle holder. But we managed to resist and instead ate our weight in caramel slice.Food wise we were spoilt for choice. So much so that we spent a good half an hour wandering backwards and forwards undecided but in the end settled for Paella followed by a trip to just one of the many irresistible looking bakery stalls, which was very handily placed right next door to Passionfruit Coffee Roasters. You all know I love a good coffee right? My Latte made with Almond Milk was so velvety and smokey in taste it perfectly complimented the biggest caramel slice I've seen in my entire life! 
After eating our goodies in the sunshine we listened to the live band and then headed into Altrincham for a spot of Saturday afternoon shopping where I fell in love with absolutely everything in the Idaho shop (just opposite the Market House).Altrincham may not be the biggest part of Manchester or the hippest but the Markets are definitely worth a visit for anyone who loves good food, fresh produce and independent stalls. I know we're likely to head back there again soon, because I doubt we will ever run out of new food stalls to try! The Markets and Market House are just 5 minutes walk from the Altrincham Tram stop and have different opening days. To find out when the markets are open and what stalls will be on offer check out their website here.Have you been to Altrincham Markets or have something similar near you? And will you be visiting this bank holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments! xps. Liked this? I'd be really grateful if you gave it a share on twitter, or saved it on Bloglovin'

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