25 Thoughts I Have While Learning to Drive

Wednesday 13 April 2016

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At 25 years old, I decided it was time to learn to drive. I knew the process wasn't going to be quick, a gut feeling, and the people who loved me, told me I wasn't going to be a natural. That sounds defeatist, but it's actually the one thing that keeps me going. Knowing that it's ok to take my time with it. I can't say I enjoy my lessons. My driving instructor Paul is wonderful, but I feel going down hill on a bike is a bit too risky, so being in control of a car is taking a bit of getting used to! I'm keeping my chin up though, and trying to keep upbeat and lighthearted about it. I WILL learn to drive, I refuse to give up. But the thought has crossed my mind, once or twice, along with a few others. So here are 25 thoughts I have while learning to drive. I hope some of you can relate!

1. I reeeaaally REALLY don't want to go driving today.

2. Maybe he'll cancel. Maybe I could cancel. No I can't cancel, I have to do this.

3. Ok lets go meet him.

4. He's late. He's never late. Maybe he has forgotten about me. Ok I'll give it 1 more minute then I'll just walk away.

5. Damm it. He's here. Has he seen me? Is it too late to run away? Nope he has definitely seen me.

6. Ok just get in the car, relax, it will be fine. Right seat belt, I can do that. Adjust the chair. Look in the mirrors like I know what I'm doing.

7. How do I turn this thing on? How have I been driving for 8 months and still not really understand how to turn the car on?

8. How has he not realised I don't really know how to turn the car on?

9. Ok the car is on.  Forwards I can go forwards.

10. This isn't so bad. See I'm driving. Yes! 10mph I'm queen of the road!

11. Maybe if I just chat at him incessantly he will forget to make me go on any scary road. Nope that's not working. Dual carriage way. Stop talking concentrate on not dying.

12. Roundabout... Nailed it! Look at me I'm driving, using the hand break properly and everything.

13. I can drive. Iv'e got this.

14. Lights changing. Away I go. 

15. *stalls* I can't drive.

16. Why does he keep making that weird voice when the engine is talking to me? It's so distracting. Bless him. Stop saying the car is calling me 'mum.' That's definitely weird. I'm sure other instructors don't do that!

17. Don't you DARE pull out in front of me.

18. Is it over yet? What time is it? If I look at the clock, he'll think I'm checking my speed. What is my speed? What is the speed limit here?

19. Woooooooaaaaaah hill. Break. Nope that's the accelarator. 

20. Woops that was close. Haha.

21. Am I getting better at this? We seem to be doing harder things? And once I even reversed, so I must be getting better right?

22. Oooo nearly finished. God. My foot aches. How do people do this for hours? Even when I learn to drive, I am not being the desiganted drive. Ha! As if! All my friends and loved ones know not to get in a car with me, regardless of a license.

23. How do I think it went? You're the instructor tell me? Ok Paul, not instilling me with confidence here. That's just a list of things I did today. No comment on whether or not I did them well.

24. Ok time to pay up. Bye £20 note, it was nice briefly knowing you.

25. "Next week?" Quick think of a reason I can't do next week "Yeah Tuesday at 4 is fine, see you then!" Damm.

How long dd it take you to learn? Let me know in the comments x

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