Chasing after those blue skies...

Friday 12 February 2016

This week something amazing happened. This week it finally stopped raining.

I know, I know I shouldn't say it loud in case I jinx it, but I can't begin to tell you the difference the sight of those blue skies made on my mood. Recently I've really felt the damp, grey, windy weather take it's toll on me, not just physically but emotionally too. I'm tired. Of waking up on a morning and not wanting to get out of bed. Of waking up to a dull window, and a dismal view. I'm tired of having to wear a hundred layers. I'm tired of going home on a night and not being able to do anything or go anywhere. I'm tired of having no inspiration past pressing the play button on Netflix. 

Sure the winter months are meant for taking some down time. And when that chill hits the air late September, I'm as full of winter hopes and dreams as everyone else, but this year winter really seems to have drawn itself out. I'm not even craving warm weather, just a little brightness, to just feel a little brighter.

That's what happened this Wednesday when it finally stopped raining. When the blue skies came out, and I stood in the sunlight at the train station and began to feel like myself again.

Those blue skies make me want to stand outside, to look up from my phone and take it all in. They make a train journey from one Lancahsire town to another a pleasant trip. They make those hills look inviting and they make my legs twitch to run. To be in the park even if I still need hats and gloves. 

Blue skies make me want to; grab my notebook and write; take my time over my breakfast; to take my time over my walk to work; they make me want to listen to podcasts and look for freelance work; they make me want to eat fresh fruit at lunch time; listen to chirpy guitar songs and clean my flat.

I don't want to sit on the sofa and watch netflix all night. I don't want t give myself five more minutes on a morning. I don't want to grow stale, and damp and as grey as the weather outside has been.

I want to be sunshine, and new, and perky. I want to be spring. Windows thrown open, and possibility flooding in, spring. 

I know it's early days, and no doubt some other ridiculously named storm is heading our way soon, to rob me of those blue skies once more, but if they could stick around just a little longer, I could cope with whatever Wind Lola, or Terrential Rain Terry has to throw at me. I just need that promise of blue skies and brighter days, a reminder that grey weather and grey moods don't last forever.

And neither do sniffles, running noses or boxes of tissues, even when the cycle feels never ending.

Live life and embrace every patch of blue sky you can x

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