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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Last week I was ruminating over whether or not I'd boxed myself in by only ever really having one career focus.  And with those thoughts came a feeling of claustrophobia, because even though I know, in a dream world, I would have a long and fulfilling arts career, the idea of concentrating so specifically on one thing for the rest of my life, felt daunting in a way I'd never really thought about before.

I think that's a natural reaction, and a feeling most people have in some way shape or form. Maybe you're in a job you hate and you're thinking 'I can not do this for the rest of my life' maybe you're in a job you love right now but you're not convinced you want the job that is the next level up. Everyone at some point feels a little claustrophobic about work because we spend so much of our time their and retirement age only ever seems to get farther away.

Like I say, it's natural to have a small part of you that feels a little boxed in, and so I decided to stop panicking about feeling that way, and also to stop thinking of the box as signed, sealed and delivered.

I am young especially compared to how old I will be when one day I eventually get to collect a pension. I'mn very much still in the early stages of my career. And while I've always had one true passion with that has come to a lot of interests, skills and sidelines which I never imagined when I started.

Then last week I listened to an old favourite podcast called 'Being Boss' and they were talking about forgetting passion and follow your curiosity, and how just spending 15 minutes a day on something you're curious about can have unimagined knock-on effects (listen for yourself here).

And so I decided to stop thinking about passion and focus instead on my curiosity and possibilities. Not just in terms of 'the next job' but in life too... because I so often feel that my life and my career are one thing, and they shouldn't be, no matter how much you love your job. 

Turns out I'm curious about a lot of things both in terms of career steps, but also as hobbies, or new things to learn. And like the note maker I am, I decided to make a list. Some of the things on this list are things that I have already dabbled in, or that may be a logical "next" step for me, and some of them would be brand new things for me.

I'm sharing this for two reasons:

  1. Because maybe you're reading this and going through a period of claustrophobia too or you're generally feeling uninspired, and maybe reading this list will help you come up with your own
  2. And because maybe just maybe the perfect person I need to talk to is reading this. Maybe you're looking for someone to help you out with one of the things on the list; maybe you know a fantastic book; maybe you know somebody that works in a certain field; or maybe you're curious about some of the same stuff and you'd just like to have a chat about it! Whichever it is, I'd love to hear from you.

So without further ado here are the things I am curious about:

  • Producing shows - I'm a Community Producer by day, so this wouldn't be entirely new to me, it would just be applying skills I already have to a different project.

  • Directing - Obviously, I've worked on a lot of shows in some way shape or form, and directing is something I think I might have an eye for!

  • Learning how to use the manual settings on my camera - because right now, I'm using auto!

  • Entering short story competitions 

  • Content creation, social media, blogging - obviously, I already do this but I'd be interested in maybe doing it for someone or something else too

  • Podcasting - I like talking to people, and I like listening to other podcasts!

  • Writing a novel - because I write short form a lot and think this would be a challenge

  • Learning how to code

  • Doing a Masters - not sure what in!

  • Event management - maybe all my years of hospitality and producing experience can come together?

  • Running a venue (interpret "venue" as you wish) - see above!

  • Drama/Arts therapy - because I believe creativity can truly help people

  • Charity fundraising events - it would use my producer skills, and it would help people

  • Sewing and designing clothes - because I have a sewing machine I rarely use

  • Vintage fashion & styling clothes - something I was much better at when I was younger and would like to get back into

  • Mentoring - I've really enjoyed working with young girls and women, and think it's important they have good role models

  • Making videos - dunno what of, but I never thought I'd be as into taking photos as I am!

  • Photo editing - beyond using the apps on my phone!

  • Magazines and writing for them - because I tried in the past and was baffled by the whole thing

  • Helping people - more, every day!

  • Learning (or relearning) a language 

  • History - I was actually better at History at school than I ever was at English or Drama!

  • Graphic design - I can spend hours looking at designs for show leaflets, but my technical capabilities don't currently go beyond Canva!
  • Starting a newsletter - I'm think a monthly email filled with reviews, and creative exercises/challenges?

  • And that's just what I came up with, in the time it took me to get from Blackburn to Manchester, on the train.

    I'm going to make a concentrated effort to act on my curiosities, maybe that will be 15 minutes a day for a whole month looking into one thing, or maybe it will be asking someone for coffee, that I know is already involved with one of these things, or maybe one of you will email me and it will be the start of something magical.

    Whatever it is, I'm curious to find out x

    ps. I'd love to know - what's one thing you're curious about?

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