Hold It In Your Hearts

Thursday 25 May 2017

It's not been a good week for the world. In fact I'm not entirely sure the world has had a truly good week in years, but this week in particular has hit that fact home for many of us.

Between the politics, the results that didn't go our way, the terrifying headlines and the terrorists it's becoming harder and harder to believe the world is good, that we have evolved, that dictators, world wars and inequality will ever be a thing of the past. It's been hard to get out of bed. It's been hard to look at social media without crying. It's been hard, despite wanting to out of defiance to carry on.

The Manchester attack, feels closer and crueller than any other I've lived through, despite the fact that I was on a school trip in London on the day of 7/7. It feels rawer, more real.

I cried immediately and I've been holding back the tears ever since. I cried every time I saw a plea for a missing person and every time another name was pronounced dead. 

But I also cried every time I heard a story of heroism. Of the taxi driver offering free lifts, of the homeless man running in and holding a woman in his arms. I cried at pizzas being delivered to hospitals, at Sikhs showing solidarity at the vigil, at incredible poetry.

And I felt every tear roll down my face, soak into my chest and find a home in my heart.

Because it hasn't been a good week for the world, but the good is still there, and my biggest takeaway from this week is that I will hold every tear I've cried in my heart for as long as I can. So that the sad ones will be there when I hear of any attack happening anywhere, so that every act of terrorism feels as close to home as this one, so that I don't become immune to the cruelty of this world and so that with every heartbreaking headline, I remember the tears that came from the empathy and the good and the heroism that humanity has shown this week. 

Because that is what the world needs now, humanity and empathy and any gleam of hope that we can hold on to. Hold it all in your hearts, remember how much an attack on your doorstep hurts and feel it when it happens half away across the world and remember for every person who committed an act of evil this week there were a hundred that committed ones of love.

To everyone out there hurting this week, I am with you, but lets carry on loving this world and one another, as much as Ariana's fans love her x

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