My Blogging Manifesto

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Ok So I've tried writing several introductions for this post and all of them felt really 'meh' so instead of being too try hard I'm just going to jump right in.

I wanted to write myself  bit of a 'blog manifesto' as recently I've felt things have really started to settle into place with this spot of mine. What with the change of name last summer, and the creative roll I've been on since the beginning of this year, I finally feel like my blog, and my theatre work make sense together. Hence why 'My Work' now has a much bigger presence on here, because I finally feel like I can use this blog for business and pleasure if you will.

With that in mind I thought I'd share what my thinking behind my blog and my attitude towards it are, and hopefully whenever I start to feel lost again in the future (because y'know bloggers block can rear it's ugly head at any given point) this post will remind me why I'm here and what it's all for.

So Without further ado...

A Cup Of Creative is a creative lifestyle blog. It is where I come to share my thoughts on creating a life you love, as well as documenting where I've been and where I'm going.

I will not limit myself to a niche. This blog is a reflection of me, my likes and my work, and I don't believe in boxes.

I will write honestly and openly when the time is right, and remember that some things in life are personal.

I will NOT post for the sake of posting. On here or on social media.

I will make a conscious effort to reply to every comment I receive.

I will spend as much time reading other peoples posts as I do writing my own.

If a PR company gets in touch about a product that genuinely interests me then I will not feel guilty about reviewing it, but every review will be my honest opinion.

Sometimes I might say yes to a sponsored post, but only if it is in line with me, my values and interests. I will always disclaim any post that has been sponsored.

I have no intention of turning my blog into a business. It is my hobby, that also happens to compliment my work.

I get no pleasure from promoting myself on social media and I refuse to feel like a bad blogger for not using buffer or hootsuite every. single. day.

I want every blog post to feel like a conversation with a friend, I will give advice, but there are few things in life I claim to be an expert on.

I want this to be a positive, encouraging, and happy space, but I won't ignore the bad in my life or my world. I'd rather not post at all than try to project a 'perfect' life.

I have a responsibility to use my platform, my words, and my voice to speak up about things that matter to me, whether that's the arts, politics or feminism.

I might change my mind and opinions as I grow, I won't deny what I used to think, it is just part of my journey.

I will stop comparing myself to other blogs and bloggers, and I will stop reading 'how to be perfect' posts.

I'd rather make friends than gain followers.

Every post should feel good to write.

Sometimes my titles will be cryptic, and my photos won't necessarily match the words and that's ok, because that is how I like to blog.

I might change my template or colour scheme, or header back and forth several times a year, just because I feel like it, but content is what is really important.


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