5 Things I'd like To Work On With My Personal Style

Wednesday 29 March 2017

H A P P Y  W E D N E S D A Y  A L L!

I feel like this blog has been a bit creativity/mindset/writing heavy lately, and seen as how I am using this week to take a break from all things freelance today I thought I'd share something a little different: a list of things I'd like to work on with my personal style.

I'm going through one of those phases at the moment where I seem to buy something new every week. It's a bit wreckless, but I'm sure it will be balanced out by one of those 'I hate everything in the shops' periods... or at least my bank account is hoping it will...

While it is nice to have lots of new clothes and be excited about your outfit for the day it has got me thinking a little bit more about my personal style and what I'm spending my money on. Especially as I have a habit of buying either, lots of the same style dress (nothing wrong with that) or one off 'oo that's pretty' pieces that are lovely but don't go with anything I already own. So in a bid to get my spending at least working for my wardrobe rather than just expanding it here are five things I'd like to work on with my personal style.

1. Pulling the Whole Look Together

Now ask anyone who knows me and they could probably sum up my usual outift easily. Colourful, probably floral, probably a dress. Most of my clothes tend to have a vintage edge to them, or be a little boho. That does make getting dressed relatively easy, however what I'm not so good at is pulling the whole outfit together. I go through pairs of shoes and boots like nobodies business so that often means my footwear never looks quite right. I don't ever spend much time thinking about how well my coat or jacket might go with an outfit, which can mean I look great indoors, but the minute I have to go outside it all falls apart. And despite owning boxes of jewellery I so rarely take the time to actually put some on! This is probably the biggest thing I'd like to work on, and probably what makes the difference between being dressed and having style. It is also something that in theory, will just cost me more in time, than in money... but I'm also guessing that some gaping holes in my current wardrobe will be highlighted!

2. Investment and Staple Pieces

As I just said I'm likely to find some gaping holes in my existing wardrobe and this is where looking for some investment pieces comes in and some lower budget staples. I would love a really good white shirt for example and a Spring Mac so that I can transition out of my winter coats. I also want to invest more in my footwear so that I don't go through shoes quite so quickly. Even though I don't spend HUGE amounts of money on single items, I'm also not one for fast fashion and things in my wardrobe do tend to last me a couple of years. So while I do need to think a little more about quality over quantity, my main focus will be on buying things I need rather than just want.

3. Being A Bit Braver

While I'm not one to shy away from a bold pattern or something a little more 'out there' by other peoples standards, I do tend to stick to what I know and have done for a long time now (I'm talking the past 10 years) but here's the thing, most of my favourite outfits are ones where I stepped a little outside my comfort zone... Jumpsuits in particular were once wild to me, and now I LOVE them. Being brave for me means maybe something all black, or bodycon which is by no means ground breaking, and hardly pieces that would make you say 'oh she's bold' but to me, they are waaaaay outside my usual spectrum. Everyone has there own comfort zone and the things they say 'I could never wear that' well I try not to believe that... you can wear what ever you want! I just need to put that belief into practice more often.

4. Something Casual

You know how everybody has there go to jeans and a t-shirt? Not me. I honestly have just never cracked this more casual look. I have this year bought two thick knitted jumpers which I love, and I do actually like wearing with jeans, but most of the time me trying to dress "casual" makes me feel scruffy. Not because I think jeans and a tshirt looks scruffy - just the ones that I own do. I think this goes back to spending a bit more time on my basics. I want a well fitting pair of jeans, and a comfy high quality Breton tee. Hardly ground breaking I know, but it would be good to know that option is there. It's a classic for a reason after all!

5. The Finishing Touches

This is definitely something I have got a lot better at lately. Generally speaking when it comes to beauty and make up I am incredibly low key. And I've always just relied on the fact that my hair is thick and straight and generally looks ok without me doing anything to it. Of course being low key definitely has it's benefits - and it's not necessarily that I think I look better with more make up on or my hair done, but taking some extra time to do that liitle bit more does make me feel more put together. Like taking the time to pick out some jewellery taking the time to do my hair or make up makes me feel like I thought through everything. I'm very very much a beauty novice, but this year I've been taking the time on a morning to sit down and do my make up properly, and while it means having to get up a bit earlier, it aslo gives me some quiet time just for me to start the day the way that I want to. This also comes under being brave, as I change up my make up look a bit more and experiment with bold lips, or wear my hair in a way I've always told myself wouldn't suit me.

And for now I think that is a long enough list! Style of course is incredibly personal, and people always look their best when they are doing what is right for them and wearing what makes them feel most comfortable. I like the clothes I wear, and I've come on leaps and bounds with my self confidence so this is by no means a list of ways to 'better' myself, it's just something that I want to take the time to think about, because I enjoy it.

Of course, I also enjoy sleep so naturally there will be some days, where I'm make up free, wearing whatever was clean, and I will still be happy!

What is your personal style? Do you enjoy working on it? And what is something you're trying to spend a little more time thinking about at the moment? x

ps. You can read about what 'STLYE' means to me here

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