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Monday 18 July 2016

Happy Monday all! How has your week started? Mine has been good so far, although as always getting up this morning was very difficult!

It's been a while since I checked in with any sort of goal orientated post over here, so I thought I'd give you a little update about how I'm feeling about life at the moment. Overall things have been going pretty well, work has picked up again, and my freelance work is going well. Health and fitness wise I'm doing ok, I can't remember a time when I maintained one weight for so long before so that's good. Money could always be better, but thanks to the freelance work isn't dire. I've got plenty of social activities lined up for the summer, and I'm really happy with how things are going on my blog at the moment. So all in all, I'm in pretty good shape, but still I can't help thinking I'm missing some sort of structure at the moment.

Not that I need to set myself a brand new goal to work towards, just because everything else is going smoothly. While I don't want to sit on my laurels, I also don't believe always chasing something new is all that good for you either. What I feel is missing lately is a sense of cohesiveness or neatness. Like things are going where they should be, but in a pretty haphazard way.

This is nothing new for me. I'm a pretty haphazard person, it comes from a combination of believeing that things will work out the way they are meant to, and thankfully, being the sort of person to make the most out of a bad situation. Haphazard is nothing new to me, but it shouldn't really be a way of life.

Shis weekend I went camping with the young man, and all that fresh air and open space got me thinking about all the clutter filling up my every day life. My flat is in a constant state of homely messiness, my freelance work never follows the same efficient to-do list procedure that my day to day work does, my finances are ok, but there is no real plan in place, and I rely on being an active person rather than actually making time to exercise.

From the outside looking in, I probably look like I'm a pretty together person, but behind the scenes, I'm treading uncomfortably close to 'it will be alright on the night.'

So all this got me thinking, it's not that I need to change my goals, or add in new ones, it's that I need a way of refocusing what I'm already doing. You know how in January many of us set ourself a 'word to live by' for the year, rather than a list of resolutions? That's what I feel I need, one word that can be aplied to everything.

This week, that word is definitely 'tidy.' Literally I NEED to tidy up my flat and my closet, figuratively speaking I need to tidy up my financial plan, and the way I am handling everything else in my life. 

This week I want to tidy away all the stuff that's been gathering around my life, the washing, the unfinished business, the bills, the packing, the unpacking, the unanaswered text messages, the 100 different to do lists. It won't be an easy job and is probably going to take me much longer than a week, but getting started is always the hardest part, so I'll take it in small steps.

Tonight's job - unblock my hoover.

I'm thinking a word of the week might become a regular thing, or maybe a word of the month, seeing how I get on! How about you? How are you feeling about your goals? Do you have a word of the moment? Let me know in the comments if you do! x

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