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Sunday 31 July 2016

Happy Sunday everybody! How are you? It's the last Sunday of the month which means it's time to round up all the food, shops, clothes and STUFF I've been loving and lusting for this month! I really enjoy putting these posts together, as they are a little bit different to most of the my content. I'm toying with making them more regular than once a month, but that would mean having to find more stuff to love, which would probably mean more time on ASOS, and less money in my bank. And as you will know if you read my post on Monday, I do NOT need anymore encouragement to spend more money!

ANYWAY... enough babbling, here are my Sunday loves for July...

Twitter chats

So I already mentioned getting involved with more Twitter chats in one of my happy lsts this month, but I thought they deserved their own spot on the Sunday Loves list. I probably don't need to tell you how great twitter chats are for engagement, but I really didn't expect to actually ENJOY them. I thought they were something I should *probably* do as some sort of blog chore! But I was so wrong! I've met some lovely tweeters and bloggers this past month through joining in with these chats, and my favourites so far have been #TeacubClub and #Cbloggers.

NYX cosmetics

Oh my god, brace yourself, a BLOGGER IS RECOMMENDING NYX. Bet you never expected that? Yes I love their matte lip creams, but what I specifically want to recommend is the NYX mascarra range! I have naturally quite long lashes, so I don't like thick mascarras or those wide bristley brushes, preferring instead for a more, erm, fluttery look(? nope, I'll never make it as a beauty blogger!) and I've found the NYX Lush Lashes Curvaceous mascarra perfect for everyday wear.

Image 1 of ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan

ASOS Basic's Cardigans

I know, I know, we're all meant to wait until Autumn to go knitwear crazy but 2 things... 1. I accidentally signed up for ASOS Premier so, any purchase I make is basically a saving and 2. I'm going to Edinburgh next weekend and it is bound to be knitwear weather at least on one of the days I am there! So I am thinking this cosy beggar, at £28 is actually, a really sensible buy, right? But, which colour?

Podcast - Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Podcasts are becoming a bit of a staple feature on these lists, and this month I've really enjoyed Tiffany Han's 'Raise Your Hand Say Yes' she is currently only releasing 10 minute 'Summertime Quickies' which make them perfect for my walk up to work, and her attitude to getting what you want out of work and life is the perfect mix of woo-woo and realness for me!

Copper Cafetiere - 8 Cup

Car & Kitchen

I first came across Car & Kitchen on our recent Yorkshire camping trip, and we popped into their real life, brick and mortar store in Settle and I pretty much just wanted to move in there. Home of so many gorgeous homewares, and in the shop, they also sell clothes from Saltwater, The Whitestuff, and Neon Rose. Unfortunately at the moment they don't sell clothes online, but their website is still worth visiting, for cheeky Yorkshire based cards and gifts, those all important rose gold kitchen accessories, and of course, stationery.

Gilmore Girls

Yup, as with all my tv recommendations I am seriously behind the times with this one, by I don't know, 10 years? However, Gilmore Girls has stood the test of time in being sassy and comforting, and everything you need for a cosy night in. The question is can I make it through the remaining four seasons I have to go before they release the new ones? (Yes, yes I can, I'm a binge watching ninja.)

This Instagram Account

How cute are Rachel Rye's illustrations and animations? As I've mentioned before I love following designers and illustrators on instagram, to break up my feed of photos of coffee cups, with erm, drawings of coffee cups! As well as the more whimsical illustrations, I also love how Rachel captures places with paper and pencil. To find out what I mean take a scroll through her account.

Muller Bliss Corner Whipped Greek Style Yoghurts (catchy, right?)

I can't believe yoghurt is featuring on my Sunday Loves list, but seriously these things are like crack to me. I particularly like the ones with a lemon curd, but the mango and passion fruit are also really good.  All whipped, creamy, fruity delicousness, plus, I imagine if you only eat one (which I never do) then as far as a desserts go these are pretty guilt free.

Lush Vanishing cream

You know when you forget how good a product is, and then when you're at home for the weekend, you steal your sisters pot that she foolishly left in her, and you remember just how good it is? That. My skin hasn't been looking great recently, and while normally I can get away with a splash of hot water and very little else, this month it's cried out for a little more tlc. TLC that I should probably always be giving it. So on top of drinking lots of water, and stealing my sisters Vanishing Cream moisturiser, which is the perfect soothing, lightness for my skin, I'll also be investing in some Ultrabland cleanser next time I find myself near a LUSH.

You guys...

There have been so many great posts this month! that picking out just a handful for this list was hard, however I whittled it down to these gems.

  • I loved reading Alice's  "Wait... my weight is too great?" dealing with balancing your own healthy confidence, with somebody elses expert 'healthy' opinion can be so hard!
  • I loved what Elle had to say On Embarrassing Bravery and if you need a little nudge to just go for it, you should definitely read this!
  • Jess's post from Whitby got me all nostalgic for family trips to the seaside
  • Like Alice's post, Rhianna's Thoughts On Body Confidence really struck a chord with me. So much honesty in one post, it felt like I was reading my own diary from not so long ago!
  • And last but not least, I love that Abigail admitted to hating being alone, her thoughts and feelings reminded me of my very long summers in between uni!

And there you have it! That's what I've been loving lately! Do you alos love anything I've mentioned or have any recommendations of skin care/cosmetics/podcasts for me? Let me know in the comments below, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday (or whichever day it is your reading this) x

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