Happy Friday no.11...

Friday 6 May 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How has your short week been? As this goes up I will be on a train to Brighton, for a weekend of working. But I'm not complaining, because when I say work, I actually mean watching a whole load of shows for free all weekend! Now do you see why I love my job so much? 

It's been another lovely couple of weeks, and the fortnights in between sharing these happy posts really do seem to fly by! Happy lists are by far some of my favourite posts to read from you guys, so I thought I'd share a few from some of my favourite bloggers at the end of each of my Happy Friday posts from now on. If you also share happy lists then please leave a link to your latest one in the comments so I can have a nosey at what's been making you cheery too! But before that, here is what's been making me happy lately!

Sophie, curry and kareoke

Ok so because I only post these lists every fortnight, I am going to try and go through events in a chronological matter, so that I don't get my days too kerfuffled As I mentioned in my last Happy Friday post, my gorgeous friend Sophie recently returned from travelling in South America, and popped up to Blackburn the other weekend. Saturday afternoon involved coffee, carrot cake and long chats, and that evening we headed out to the pub, where a spo of spontaneous kareoke happened, and I hogged the microphone waaaaaay too much. We even managed to squeeze in a curry on the Monday night before she went back to Birmingham. It was so good to see her, even if I was insanely jealous of her and tan and it reminded me how much I miss having her live just up the road.

Sunday lunch with the parents

The sunday after he night of Kareoke, my parents came over and we headed up to The Clog and Billycock, for a much needed pub lunch. Well, it was certainly much needed on my part, I'm not sure they were quite as desperate! Even though it isn't that long ago since I was last at home, it's always good to see your mum and dad isn't it? Especially when they haven;t been to me in over a year and they pick up the bill!

Being interviewed by Holly

The wonderful Holly from A Banch of Holly, asked to interview me for her 'How I Got To Where I Am Today' series and I was so flattered she did! You can read my answers on my career so far, over on her blog, here.

Getting stuck into a freelance project

Last weekend I headed up to a residential centre in the lancashire hills with twenty teenagers to kickstart a new freelance project I'm working on. While I am still recovering from the lack of sleep and an overdose of rap music, it was actually a really good, productive weekend. Even if I have had to bribe them to prevent the video of me falling off a segway ever reaching your eyes.

Heading back to Lancaster

I was so glad of the Bank Holiday Monday this week, not only because I needed the extra day lie in after the residential weekend, but because it meant I got to spend some quality time with the young man, and show him around my old university town, Lancaster. It might not have been very warm, but it was bright and sunny, and such a lovely day it warrants a whole post of it's own, for so now I'll shut up!

Being on my way to Brighton

The Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival kick off this weekend and as I mentioned before I'll be spending this weekend watching theatre, and squeezing in the odd ice cream! I'll be sharing my thoughts about shows over on twitter, no doubt there'll be an instagram post, and I may even snapchat it, so you can add me on stephiej31. Have I plugged enough social media there?

The weather finally cheering up

Pretty sure I put this in my last happy list, and then it disappeared again, but hey, for now at least, it feels like Spring again! Please be here to stay!

Going back blonde

I'm blonde again! I sort of thought I was blonde before but the young man disagrees, and my roots were too bad for me to be in any position to argue! So I dyed my hair, and used a Garnier Nutrisse ultra lightening dye, and for once I can actually see the difference! Hurrah! Having said that nobody else seems to have noticed!

Other Happy People...
  • If I was planninng and American Roadtrip soon I'd be as happy as Sarah from Daydreams of Summertime
  • Just like Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons, Once Upon a Time and Kimmy Schmidt make me happy too
  • I'm pretty jealous of Sophie from Sophie Cliff for getting cuddles with the gorgeous pup Ted

Don't forget to leave a comment letting me know what's been making you happy lately, and a link to your latest happy post too! x

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