10 Sunday Loves no.2

Sunday 15 May 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! How are you? I'm having a super chilled out weekend... maybe a little too chilled out, in that despite having 48 hours all to my little self, I'm yet to do any of the things I said I would. Oh well there's still time!

I can't believe how quickly a month has passed since I posted my first 'Sunday Loves' post! But before I get into jabbering on too much about how quickly everything is going lately I'll just get on and share the products, shows, magazines and clothes I've been loving and coveting lately! OH and of course some of my favourite blog posts from you guys too!

1. Argan Oil of Morocco - Renewing+

So my hair isn't in the best condition it's ever been in, and truthfully it is REALLY in need of a haircut, but I kinds of hate going to the hairdressers, so I put it off as much as possible (and occasionally this involves me trimming my own hair shhhhh....). Luckily I have quite thick and strong hair, so it's pretty resilliant, but a month or so ago I noticed I had a lot of fly aways, broken strands and split ends, so I decided it needed a little bit more TLC than usual and picked up some Argan Oil from boots for about £8. I'm very low maintenance when it comes to beauty products so that felt like a lot of money, BUT, it has worked wonders on my hair, and despite using it basically every day for the last 6 weeks, I've only used about an eigth of the bottle. I highly recommend this, even if your hair is in god condition!

2. Maybelline Dream Velevt Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation

I know I just said I'm a low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to beauty products but I have been trying to make a little more effort with my make up lately, especially for bigger occasions. Unfortunately my philosophy of buying whichever foundation was on offer, just wasn't giving me those youtube worthy results I was looking for. So instead I spent a little time in the make up aisle trying out different foundations whilst trying to explain to the young man, that actually the point of foundation is that you can't see it. In the end I went with... I know not exactly a high end beauty product but it works perfectly on my skin, making it look much smoother, and buffed (is that a word) than anything else I've tried lately. It's a bit like their mouse foundation that comes in a pot, and you only need a tiny bit to cover the whole face. Again if you have shiny skin but not necessairily greasey I'd recommend giving this a go.

Image taken from Happiness Planner website

3. The Happiness Planner

So far I've managed to resist forking out the twenty or so pund for one of these happiness planners but every time I seen them on my instagram feed it gets a little harder. I, like most of us, am a stationery addict, but I'm trying to stick with one notebook at a time, and see it through to the end, because my collection already takes up quite a lot of trees. But maybe if I resist a little longer, I can put one on my birthday list in a couple of months time...

4. Flow Magazine

Like my notebook collection, my magazine collection is beginning to make me feel a little guilty on the environmental front, especially the unread pile which keeps getting bigger, however, whenever I pick up a copy of FLOW magazine I always read it cover to cover. A lot of people think I'm crazy for spending £10 on a magazine, but the sheer joy I get from reading FLOW is so worth it. It's a magazine for paper lovers, creatives and people looking to take a slower life, which from what I can tell is basically all of us at the moment. If you like magazines like The Simple Things and Oh Comely, I'm sure you'll love this!

5. Katie Dalebout & Being Boss Episode no. 71

Ok so this one is sort of a two for the price of one, because I first came across Katie while listening to this weeks Being Boss podcast all about journaling, and I honestly think it is one of my favourite episodes. If you don't listen to Being Boss, its a podcast for creative entrepeneurs but it covers so many subjects that basically anyone who is career driven, or living a creative lifestyle can definitely take something from it. ANYWAY after listening to Katie's episode I headed straight over to her own podcast The Wellness Wonderland Radio Podcast and I am devouring them and everything her blog has to offer. I'm also seriously considering buying her book 'Let It Out' because my journalling has fallen by the way side lately, and her prompts sound like they are just the ticket I need.

Image 1 of River Island Macrame Printed Swimsuit
Image taken from ASOS

6. ALL OF THE Swimsuits

The Young Man and I booked flights to Lisbon last week for our summer holiday which is now only 24 days away (NO you're counting down!). Naturally this meant I went into full on holiday shop mode, and first on the agenda is a new swim suit. I've never really felt comfortable in a bikini, for various reasons, but luckily the full body swimsuit seems to be having a bit of a moment. I'm currently considering buying the above from asos, but also holding out, because I kind of want to try on before I buy!

7. H&M basic t-shirts

Ok so since I've recently introduce, jeans, denim and dungarees into my wardrobe I've realised I have a serious lack of basic tops and t-shirts to go with these things. Before heading to Brighton last week I popped into H&M and picked up a couple of their basic t-shirts. I love H&M for many reasons and now there basic t-shirt collection is one of them, because while they are all basically cotton tops there are som many styles, shapes, necklines and colours to choose from, because we all know that buying a plain white t-shirt is never as simple as it sounds!

8. Jane the Virgin

I know, I know, I am so late to the party with this one. Like only came to the party on Friday night late! But I'm so hooked already, and that's has a huge part to play in the fact that I am yet to do the majority of the things on my to-do list this weekend! If you've not seen it yet, Season 1 is on Netflix, and it is very like Ugly Betty in that it is also inspired by Spanish tv-novellos!

Image 1 of ASOS SAY IT AIN'T SO Bow Pointed Heels
Image taken from ASOS

9. These shoes from ASOS

So in my last Sunday Love list I was talking about how I was looking for a dress to my friends wedding. And while I was (and still am) a little obsessed with Chi Chi London dresses, I went for something a little less occasion-y in the end. Mainly because I wanted a dress that I could wear more often than just at weddings (ok I wanted something I could also wear on holiday!). The dress is arriving this week, and I'm hoping when it arrives that I'll know for certain whether or not the above shoes would go with it! Weddings are lonnnnnnggg days, and I'm terrible in heels anyway so I love that these look totally wearable but still dressy!

10. Oh you guys...

Ok enough about me, here are the posts from you guys I have LOVED lately...
  1. Fifty Shades of Green by Carrie at One Pleasant Day, I've said this on twitter but I'll say it again, her photography is just beautiful!
  2. I could relate so much to Stefanie's post Mistakes I make While Blogging 
  3. You guys know how important I think talking about body image is, and I shouted 'yes' so many times while reading 'Learning to Love My Body' from Britton
  4. Couldn't agree more with Liz about 'When Intuition Pays Off'
  5. It looks like Abigail was having so much fun 'Prancing Around in 300 Year Old Underwear'
Right I'm off to tackle at least some of this to-do list, because if I chill out anymore, I probably won't sleep tonight! Viscous circles right? What have you been loving lately? Any new reads or products you would recommend? I'd love to hear them! Have a lovely Sunday x

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