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Friday 1 April 2016

Hi everyone! And happy April Fools! I am SO happy to see the beginning of a new month, but then I said the same thing about March...

I had such high hopes for March, and I'd be lying if I said that it had lived up to them. Not that it has been all doom and gloom. March hasn't been all of anything, it has been a bit of absolutely everything. As I've not posted half as much as I wanted to in March, and to go into any sort of detail in one go, would be an incredibly long, probably quite boring post, I thought I'd do a taking stock post instead. I've never posted one of these lists before but I always enjoy reading other peoples monthly posts, and all of these "ings" just about do justice to what's bin going on inside of this nogging of mine! So without further ado, here's what I've been doing, feeling, and thinking this month...

Making... myself look at things a bit more positively.

Cooking... Spanish Chicken and Chorizo risotto. Vegetarianism, never mind veganism, has fallen by the way side lately, and this recipe from BBC Good Food, is so delicious and so simple!

Drinking... a huge cup of tea in bed on a morning.

Reading... 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' by Garth Stein, 'One Night Markovitch' by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen and 'The Lady in the Van' by Alan Bennet - it was a good month in books and I would thoroughly  recommend all three!

Wanting... all of the answers and everything to be sorted NOW

Looking... for new opportunities

Playing... on snapchat, pretty endlessly (you can add me on stephiej31)

Deciding... that while life may seem unfair, there has to be a reason for everything

Wishing... that that reason would make itself clear!

Enjoying... getting up a bit earlier, and having time to get ready on a morning

Watching... hair tutorials on youtube (i'm obsessed with braiding!)

Waiting... for the dust to settle

Liking... having an excuse to eat a cream egg everyday

Wondering... what it would be like not to work in the arts

Loving... all the people around me that have been so supportive lately

Hoping... that things work out

Needing... a holiday somewhere warm, sunny, and beautiful please.

Smelling... lavender essential oil from my diffuser, every night before bed

Wearing... dungarees, tops and jeans. For a girl who normally wears dresses all the time, this is kind of a big change!

Following... BBC news on twitter. I'm trying to make myself take a bit more notice of the world around me, and everything that is going on in it. Even when it is sad, terrible and downright scary.

Noticing... that some weeks seem to be rubbish for everyone

Knowing... that as much as I think another career would be easier, the arts is the only one for me

Thinking... about how different my cv looks now to two years ago, and how that can only mean good things

Feeling... everything, in extremes!

Opening... a bottle of wine on a Monday night and feeling no guilt whatsoever.

Giggling... at the young man getting competitive over arts and crafts!

Here's hoping that April won't be full of quite so much head mashing and soul searching, and include a few more answers, and a heck of a lot more blogging! While I've needed a bit of space this last month, when I really throw myself into it, blogging definitely makes me feel more focused, not just for this little space of mine but in life in general. I guess that's the domino effect, if you up your game in one thing, you'll feel the effects in other areas too! 

How was your March? What do you have to take stock of this month? x

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