Morning Monday... Determining the day for yourself...

Monday 18 April 2016

Morning everyone, how was your weekend? What side of bed did you roll out of this morning? Are you sitting on a Monday dreaming of a Friday? 

I'm sat in my boyfriends house writing this on a Sunday evening. Which in many ways kind of undermines the point of a morning Monday post, but I got a thought in my head and I had to write it out. You know how it is.

Right now, I'm sat at a dining table in a candle lit room, wit plinky plonky guitar music on in the background. The young man is out walking the dog, and I wanted to take a moment to myself to relax and appreciate how exhausted I am after another gorgeous weekend. And then I remembered tomorrow is Monday, and I immediately began wishing it wasn't.

I know the Sunday evening blues are a common thing, and I came to accept a long time a go, that even though I love my job, it's only natural to love free time that little bit more. However, this blue Sunday evening thought felt heavier than usual. With this tiny 'wishing it wasn't Monday' brainwave, I'd predetermined the whole next 5 days before the sun had even set on this weekend.

I'd predetermined that Monday couldn't possibly be as good as a Sunday. That no matter what tomorrow (now today) brings, I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I would on a weekend.

I hadn't gone as far as deciding today would be rubbish, but I certainly hadn't given it or me a fighting chance. And that doesn't bode well for either of us, does it?

The point of this slightly rambling post is... that we decide what kind of day we are going to have for ourselves... even when we're not in control of everything that happens during those 24 little hours.

I get to decide whether or not the packed tram I probably have to get is full of really rude people who I am going to let ruin my day, or really rude people, that I'm going to forget about the minute I step off the carriage.  I get to decide if the weather effects my mood, if I get lots of work done, and whether or not I have something tasty for dinner.

I get to decide what kind of day today is.

And before I make that decision, I intend to let the day happen first. To gather all the facts and make an informed decision, when I'm in bed this evening, and there's just me and my notebook to write it out with.

And I wouldn't mind betting, that giving the day a fighting chance, vastly improves my odds of it being a good'un. 

But for now it is Sunday evening, so I'm going to put Monday out of my head, because a dog and a young man have just returned home and I plan on spending the rest of the evening smothering them both in affection.

Hope ou have a lovely day x

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