Happy Friday no.10...

Friday 22 April 2016

Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? It might just be the sunshine, but I feel like this week has flown by! Which makes you realise just how quickly the warmer months go, and just how much you should make the most of every sunny moment! Especially seen as how the weather is forecast to change again tomorrow. Typically just in time for the weekend!Apparently this is the first time ever it's looked likely to snow during the London Marathon, because ya'know, that thing isn't hard enough. 

Anyway enough weather chat for now! I've had a lovely fortnight since I last posted a happy list, so lots of things to celebrate! Here's what's been making me happy lately!

Cream tea and mini golf
Some weekends are full of adventure but leave you exhausted come Monday and others are much quieter affairs. We hit the balance just right a fortnight ago when Sunday came around, we had a lazy morning in bed and then decided to make the most of the sunshine, by heading just up the road to Salmesbury Hall. We wandered around the building, pondered in the gift shop, had a delicous cream tea in the cafe, and then played on the smallest crazy golf course I've ever seen! Perfect Sunday acticity!
Return of the prodigal Sophie
My friend Sophie is back from her amazing adventures in South America, and I can't wait to cath up with her this weekend! I've really really missed her, as she was my only friend that lived in the same town as me, but she is a free spirit at heart and I am so proud of her for knowing when the time to move on is and taking action, when so many other people would have just carried on getting a bit miserable!
First Aid Training
Ladies and gentleman there's a first aider in the room! Yesterday I completed my basic first aid training, and while I hope I never EVER have to use CPR, it's good to know I can. Biggest thing I learnt from the day? Don't believe what you see on tv! If you do have to do chest compressions (CPR) on somebody, it WILL NOT wake them up, and you MUST keep going until a paramedic gets there with a defribrillator. By doing cpr your doing the hearts job for it (pumping oxegenated blood to the brain) you are not restarting it, only an electric shock can do that! I feel like this should be much more widely known!
Sunshine and Naked Legs
Have I mentioned the weather enough already in this post? Yeah, I thought so... moving on...
Altrincham Markets
 I spent all of last weekend in Manchester, as the young man had the house to himself. We got up pretty early Saturday morning for a full day of food. Bagels for Breakfast followed by a trip to Altrincham markets, which is an amazing market full of street food stalls. We stuffed ourselves silly, but I'll go into more detail about that in a post next week!
Thai food and Cocktails
That night we headed for Thai food and Cocktails in Manchester with a couple of friends for a fairly chilled out evening. It was so good to get dressed up, and the food at Thaikun (in Spinningfields) was delicous, but I have to say, the service always lets them down. I know they're busy, and I hate to moan (especially in a happy post) because they are always nice about it but they are always busy, and you shouldn't have to wait 40 minutes for a bottle of beer.

Jump Nation
Then Sunday was a year since the young man and I's first date (eep) and we celebrated by finally cashing in the jump nation vouchers I bought him for Christmas. Jump Nation is a huge trampoline park, and it was SO much fun! And really really tiring so I'm hoping we worked off at least some of the food from the day before! I'd definitely recommend going but not until gone 5 on the weekend, unless you want to be the only adults there!
An amazing package from Ahmad Tea
A couple of weeks ago I posted a review of the wonderful Ahmad Tea after they sent me an amazing box of delicous fruit teas to try out. I genuinely loved everything they sent me, so when they ran a competition on their instagram to win a caddy of loose leaf tea I was quick to enter. Low and behold I won (I never win anything!) and was excited to receive my prize. Well guys, it arrived yesterday in an absolutely HUGE box. Not only had they sent me a caddy of loose leaf tea, but they'd also gone through my post about them and sent me all the flavours I said I wanted to try next PLUS another selection box containing 60 teas. Now I might be biased, but I really can;t recommend this company enough, not only are their products delicous, but clearly the people behind it really, REALLY, care.
Lots and lots of reading
I've read so many good books lately. so many they deserve a whole post to themselves. But even just taking 10 minutes a day to read a magazine and not a computer screen is good for the brain. And I'm guaranteed to get a better nights sleep if I read a book before bed rather than watch another episode of Once Upon A Time. That's if I can get out of the 'I'll just read another chapter' cycle!
Getting my blogging mojo back
So I briefly mentioned this in Sundays post but I really do feel like I'm getting my stride back with blogging. When I get bloggers block and fall out of posting I forget how rewarding it can be when you really throw yourself into this old community. Plus having a blog gives me something to focus on when there is so much uncertainty around everything else at the moment. It's good to remind me that I can make progress and really boosts my confidence, so thank you to all of you involved in that!

Phew long post! But what a lovely reminder of how much there has been to be cheery about lately! If you want to see the small things making me happy on a daily basis you can follow add me on snapchat, I'm stephiej31, and leave me your handle in the comments! What's been making you happy recently? x

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