Happy Friday no.7

Friday 26 February 2016

Happy Friday everyone! It has been forever since I posted a happy list but with the sun shining in, a morning off to myself and a fresh pot of coffee on it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate those happy moments! Those things that may have been passing me by without much recognition lately!

1. Getting £10.50 tickets to see the RSC perform A Midsummer Nights Dream...

This was a very spur of the moment purchase yesterday after somebody on my Facebook posted the tour dates for this production. It's coming to The Grand Theatre in Blackpool in April and they released 50 cheap tickets for under 26's for the week night performances. I felt sure there wouldn't be any left but there were! I can't wait! I've never seen the RSC before plus because it is a mid week show, we're going to take a half day off work, and enjoy chips and ice cream at the seaside before hand!

2. Having some of the pressure taken off...

I want to write a longer post about my current job situation, as I'm a bit in limbo at the moment, but in short I thought I was possibly going to be out of a job at the end of next month, and was panicking about the lack of positions out there at the moment. However, yesterday I found out that I have a safety net of an extra two months, which means if the funding doesn't come through for my job like we hope it will, at least I have until the end of May to find something new. Not the dream position to be in, but I certainly slept better last night for knowing it!

3. New old clothes...

So I've lost a little bit of weight recently which I don't want to celebrate too much because while part of it is down to having a vegan January part of it is also probably down to stress. I also try not to equate my happiness to my waist line cos that has been super unhealthy for me in the past. HOWEVER, I can celebrate feeling like I've got a new wardrobe without spending a penny because old clothes that I couldn't bring myself to throw out fit again! It's also getting ever so slightly sunnier which means while I can't yet wear them there's no harm in bringing out one or two summer dresses from the back of the closest just to look at is there?

4. Getting lots of freelance work lately...

In Autumn I was becoming a freelance working ninja, and I had set myself the goal to be earning some money from freelance work every month, but it does go a little quiet in the arts in January and I had begun to loose my mojo, when all of a sudden several offers flew in! I'm always in need of the extra money and I love feeling and remembering that I am actually an artist in my own way. It does mean an 8.45am start on Sunday, but hey, I'll complain about that when it gets here!

5. Exciting things happening for some of my favourite people...

I've got one friend starting a new job next week, another interviewing for a dream job this week and my sister has been offered a super exciting opportunity it for her year in industry. While it can be hard seeing things happen for other people when you feel a bit stuck, I also love these people and I'm super happy the good things they deserve are happening for them!

That's my happy list this week, while overall I've felt a little down and preoccupied lately I do believe if you concentrate hard enough on the good things in life they'll only continue to grow! What has been making you smile lately? Do you have some gorgeous plans for the weekend?

Live life & concentrate on growing the good x

Ps. Sorry if the formatting is a bit weird on this post, or if autocorrect has had a field day! I'm having to type up from my phone and we all know what a hardship that can be!

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