Wednesday 18 November 2015

Hey everyone! How are you? I've been neglecting blogging lately, both in writing and reading. I guess there is a lot going on in my life and the world in general at the moment, which is taking up a lot of brain power, and my energy. HOWEVER, I want to write properly about all of that maybe on Friday, for now, I absolutely didn't want to neglect promoting some self positivity and posting about some of my favourite bloggers favourite things about themselves.

This week, I've another three lovely ladies to chat to you and remember if you want to take part in this, just drop me an email at it would be great to hear from you! AND from some of the chaps out there, so if you have a willing boy friend, husband, bestie, brother, tell me about them too!

Sarah is a daydreamer, tea drinker, occasional baker, vintage lover, avid traveller and collector of cups. Always in search of a perfect cup of coffee! I've met Sarah in real life, and she is a truly gorgeous and warm person, so I'm so happy to have her here, appreciating herself!

My favourite thing about myself is my ability to always see the bigger picture and having faith that everything will work out. Even when I am really stressed out I am able to remind myself that what is bothering me now probably won’t be an issue a year down the line. 
My favourite thing about the way I look is my eyes. I am not the most confident person when it comes to how I look but I have always liked the colour and shape of my eyes.

Sophie is a travel and lifestyle blogger living in Leeds. She likes holidays, talking and good food. Which means pretty much everyone will find something to love, salivate over or envy on her wonderful, friendly and chatty blog!

My favourite thing about who I am is... that I am driven to always focus on the positive and have a good attitude to life - it can be easier to be negative and downbeat sometimes, but I am always pushing myself to look at the brightside.

My favourite thing about the way I look is... my smile - it's what I get the most compliments on and the feature that I feel sums me up most as a person :)

Mimmi describes herself as an old soul, early bird, INTJ, tea lover, bookworm, feminist, literature student, Ravenclaw, country bumpkin, dreamer and more. From Sweeden and currently living in Scotland Mimmi's blog is full of beautiful photos, and a calmness that I imagine she gets from being a morning person!

My favourite thing about who I am is my open-mindedness and my desire to learn.

My favourite thing about the way I look is the colour of my eyes. They’re hazel, and I inherited them from my paternal grandma. I’m the only one of her grandchildren who doesn’t have blue eyes, so I feel like they’re my own little thing.
Hope you liked reading today's answers as much as I did! Isn't it funny how we can be the type of person who see's the good in everything, but you get that one bad hair day, or your make up doesn't sit right, and suddenly positivity in the mirror is damm near impossible! If you're having a day like that, I hope this helps!

Live life & practice a little self positivity x

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