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Monday 7 September 2015

Morning everyone how are you on this fine Monday morning? I have to confess, the prospect of the first full five day working week in a long time is making feel a tad exhausted HOWEVER if there is one thing that the universe has taught me lately it is that you are in control of your own time and space.

Let me tell you a story. A month or so back a friend of mine quit her day job, because it was getting in the way of the dream. The dream wasn't making her enough money for her to truly justify giving up the regular hours and the regular income of her coffee making day to day, but she had come to realise, that while the day job existed the dream couldn't move in on the space and time that it was taking up. Her dream was going to remain on the sidelines, unless she took the daily(coffee) grind off the pitch. It was a brave decision to make, and was by no means easy, or necessarily wise. Have you ever heard anyone tell you to quit a job before you've got another one lined up? But she did it, and it paid off.

It wasn't an over night miracle, and it didn't happen by chance, my friend took the space that leaving her day job gave her and filled it with the drive and determination she'd previously been to exhausted to give to her dream. She went out and found herself another coffee job, one that only filled up a couple of days a week, with more regular hours, and while it was still doing the same type of work she eventually wanted to give up, it was at a place which was more in line with her soul. This gave her just enough money to cover the rent. She then too charge of her dream, actively searching for new opportunities to apply while at the same time analysing what else she could do, things that weren't the dream, but that weren't exactly coffee making either, and she got creative with the other skills she's accumulated over the year.

Within two months of leaving the day job she hated so much, she is now working self employed on a project she secured funding for herself, and has also been offered a more permanent role in a new arts job. One that wasn't the dream, but that is still dreamy. Soon, her coffee dueled day job that is 'just for the money' and covering her rent will be far behind her.

When I say you have to make the space, I'm not advocating giving up your job with out a plan b, my friend did have a plan b but more importantly she had the faith and determination to make that plan work. Making the space doesn't need to be as extreme as leaving a job, it could just be carving out the time in your week, every week to apply for new jobs until you get one. Or, like me, it might be that what you want from the universe isn't even work related, maybe you just want to dedicate a bit more time to a long neglected hobby, learn a language, or meet new people. The universe WANTS to give you these things, but it can't fit them into a life that you've filled up with other stuff. Especially stuff that is no longer fulfilling you.

When I gave myself a list of goals to achieve by next summer, I knew that they weren't going to happen all by themselves. If I want to learn to drive I have to find at least one hour each week for a lesson, some weeks that will be easy, other weeks that will mean getting up an hour earlier on a Monday morning to squeeze a lesson in before work. If I want to get back on stage I have to search for more opportunities, and I also have to say yes to them when they come along.

It can be easy to say that we're too busy, or that we would do something if it wasn't for x,y, and z, it isn't as easy to look at x, y and z and analyse just how busy they are making you, and how you can change that. Making the space isn't always a simple matter of tidying something away, some times it is a deep clean, other times it's a top to bottom overhaul, but if you want something new to take up room in your life, then you have to pull on the rubber gloves and find somewhere for it to go.

And if you don't really know what it is that you want from the universe, well it's amazing how much clearing things seem after a bit of a spring clean. Instead of trying to work out what is missing, maybe start by working out what is no longer needed.

Live life & make the space x

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