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Life Lately & Happy Friday no.13...

So after finally getting back on my blogging game, I accidentally went on hiatus for a fortnight, but what can I say, sometimes life happens, and you have to prioritise being out there living it, rather than sitting behind a computer screen writing about it!

May was incredible for so so many reasons, but I'm definitely looking forward to a more relaxed June. I feel a bit like I've spent the last month constantly reacting to whatever was right in front of me, so this month I want to spend a little bit of time, reflecting and planning. I haven't been doing very well with achieving some of goals lately and I'm not sure if that is because my goals weren't allowing for outside factors and life in general to interfere or if they just weren't things that I truly wanted to prioritise. However now it's the start of Summer, I always find these months are a good time to check in with yourself, especially as I have a holiday coming up, which no doubt will provide some much needed headspace.

That all sounds a little deep, and while looking at the bigger picture, I might not be quite where I would like to be right now I have actually been super happy lately, so instead of getting carried away writing a post about long term plans, here is what has already been and gone and has made me really happy lately!

Spending time with my little sister, and then saying goodbye for a year...

So last weekend was a pretty big one for me emotionally as several things happened all at once. Including my little sister flying off to work in America for a year! I'm so proud of her, and so please I got to spend some really good quality time with her the week before, which involved South American food, cocktails on a Tuesday afternoon and teary good bye at the train station!

Celebrating one whole year with the Young Man...

Last weekend was also mine and the Young Man's official anniversary! The Young Man features in nearly every happy list I post but celebrating our first anniversary together was extra special! We headed back to the same delicious thai restaurant, bought the same bottle of wine as we had 365 days ago and finished the night with some delicious cocktails before going home even happier than I was this time last year!

Two of my best friends got married...

Hey guess what, something else happened last weekend! Told you it was a big bank holiday! Two of my very best friends got married, and I happy sobbed my way through the whole day! It was a beautiful ceremony and amazing evening, spent with a room filled with some of the best people on the planet (in my humble opinion). 

Feeling settled...

As of this week, I've been n my job and flat and Blackburn for two whole years! Part of me feels like it has flown by, the other part of me feels like I've grown up and learnt so much in quite a short space of time! After leaving uni I spent the first 3 years of adulthood feeling constantly displaced so part of me really relishes having gotten to such a settled place, the other part of me occasionally gets itchy feet! Having said that, while physically I'm settled, this year has held a lot of uncertainty around my job and funding, once that's all calmed down, and I have some real security I'd like to maybe look at moving flat or location!

Time with friends...

I've squeezed in a fair bit of socialising over these past two weeks! Whether thats sitting around a fire pit with friends in York, grabbing a coffee in town, dancing away at a wedding or spending several hours in a car together, it's been really good to get out and about so much, and have so many different types of events and conversations happening!

Realising I don't really *need* to buy anything new for my holidays...

Okaaaaaaaaaay, in a lot of ways this isn't exactly a happy thing, cos let's face it, we'd all love to pack a suitcase full of brand new clothes for our summer holiday, and shopping and preparing can be part of the fun! However, my bank balance just won't allow for that! So looking in my wardrobe and realising that I have plenty I can take on holiday without feeling like a scruff, is kind of a relief! I still want to pick up a new pair of shorts, and I don't have any sandals (so I guess you could say I need them) but that shouldn't break the bank too much, and it means I can focus on only buying what I want instead of bulk buying lots of stuff just for the sake of it!

Finishing up some freelance work...

I love securing freelance work, not only because financially it helps me out massively, but because it means I can reconnect with my own creativity as a writer and performer. However, with all the social events going on lately, and then working freelance on top of my normal job, I have felt a little stretched thin, so it will be nice to have that time back. The project hasn't finished, but the workshops with young people have, so I still have work to do and money coming in, it is just at a pace I can dictate myself for the next month or so!

Trying something new creatively...

Speaking of being creative, I've really been enjoying trying new creative outlets lately. I've been paying more attention t my photography for a couple of months now, and it's good to have a hobby that I'm not trying to be perfect at or make money out of (of course my blog goes hand in hand with that). I also spent a whole day putting together a scrap book as a present for my friends wedding, I wouldn't say scrap booking is my forte, and it took me HOURS, but it was in it's own sticky taped way, quite theraputic!

Lots and lots and lots of good food and drink...

Disclaimer: Good here is used in the super sweet, super tasty, but definitely bad for you, way! It's defiinitely been a big treat month! Which kicked off with my trip to Brighton a couple of weeks back, and finished with a pretty painful head the morning after the wedding! I've actually really enjoyed just letting go for a couple of weeks, without feeling constantly panicked about how much I'm eating! However the grog and the belly/confidence wobbles have begun to creep in, so I'm now enjoying balancing it all out with lots of water and salads (until my holiday next week at least!).

Phew! Long post! What's been making you happy lately? Is it just me or is May one of those months that just seems to be BIG for everyone, I swear everyone I know has had an anniversary or milestone, or change to celebrate in the last four weeks! I'd love to hear yours in the comments or you can tweet me @teacuptheatre x

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