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Happy Friday no.12...

Happy Friday everyone, how has your week been? This month is proving to be full of wonderful exciting things, and even though the sun has left us for now, here in a grey wet Blackburn, I have a REALLY good feeling about all the things to come this Summer! So before I fall into the usual weather/time flying by so fast blog hole, here is what has been making me happy in the last fortnight!

Booking our holiday to Lisbon...

We finally got around to booking our summer holiday! Next month we’ll be jetting off for 8 days in sunny Lisbon! The Young Man accuses me of never doing enough research before a holiday, for some reason he just doesn't see scrolling through photos of a place on instagram as real preparation. So if anybody has any tips or travel post on the city please leave a link in the comments, or tweet me!

A weekend away at Brighton Fringe...

Ok it’s kind of cheating to put this on my happy list because a. It was on my last happy list, as an upcoming event and b. It will have a whole post dedicated to it. HOWEVER, it was a wonderful four days away, of sun, ice cream and some really really good shows, so totally deserving of a spot here, again.

You guys...

I was a little bit nervous when I published Wednesday’s post ‘How To Share The Love As A Blogger & Why It’s Important’ I'm not sure why, but safe to say any worry was unfounded. I've loved reading your feedback and comments, and I'm so glad it struck a chord with so many of you. Thanks you guys, as I said in the post, bloggers are the best.

Eurovision, wine and wedding talk...

NOT MY WEDDING, just to be clear. Last weekend, like the majority of the nation, I ended up watching Eurovision, despite having no intention to do so. One of my best friends came over for M&S food, and bottle of wine or two. WE were as flabbergasted as everyone else by whole points giving shenanigans, but mainly we spent most of the evening getting REALLY excited about two of our closest friends who get married at the end of the month!

The perfect dress...

Speaking of which… my dress for said wedding has arrived! And after months of umming and ahing over Chi Chi London dresses, I opted for something a little simpler in the end (which I could also take on holiday with me) from Sugarhill Boutique. I love the dresses on their, they do tend to be a bit pricier, but the fit is always so good, and they last for ages. And my latest purchase is no different, fits like a dream, which also means no last minute calorie crunching!

Taking some quiet time...

Recently I have lost my get up and go a bit for anything that you would kind of class as ‘self improvement.’ Even ticking off some of the simplest things on my to do list lately has felt like a bit of an effort. However, I’m trying to check in with myself a little more regularly, giving myself half an hour quiet time, reading something that isn’t on a computer screen, listening to a podcast when I'm getting ready on a morning and journalling it all out, is, slowly but surely, tempting my elusive motivation back.
Getting ready for a weekend at home...

This weekend I’m heading home for four days, to get in some quality time with my little sister before she heads off to Baltimore for a year. It’s only just beginning to dawn on me that she’ll be gone, and I’m really really going to miss her, but I’m also so proud of her for going off on this adventure. Besides by the time I’ve finished smushing her face for four days, I’m sure we’ll be glad to get rid of one another ;)

There you have it, that's my list this fortnight, what's been making you happy lately? I'd love to know or read your own happy list! You can leave a link in the comments below or send me a tweet! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

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