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Spring Goals...

Guys it's a Monday and I'm actually managing to get a post up! Ok, ok, it isn't a Morning Monday post like the good old days, but it's a post. A post about Spring and goals, and generally being a bit high on motivation! Guess whose really let the blue skies and sunshine go to he head today?

Honestly though, I feel like all the motivation that has been missing over the last couple of months has decided to surge through my soul all at once! I stopped sharing monthly goal posts a while ago, something about them just felt a little short lived, a goal I make to achieve in a month, is either going to be so terribly mundane (eg. sort out my broadband) or actually take much longer than a month to truly be achieved (eg. become a health ninja), so when I saw Mimmi was writing seasonal goals, I thought that was an amazing idea. So amazing, I am, in no denial whatsoever about the fact that I am stealing it for myself!

Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons, and I've been whinging a lot lately about being fed up of the winter blues, so it's really good to be looking forward, and planning to make sure I am where I want to be come summertime. So without further ado here are my Spring Goals...

Create a morning and a night time routine for myself...

I've never slept well getting out of bed in time for work is a constant struggle, and lately with the winter blues kicking in, it has been getting worse. Luckily I don't HAVE to start work till 10, but hitting the snooze button even after 9am has become a regular occurrence. Half the time, I genuinely need the sleep, but that in itself is a viscous cycle, the later I sleep in the harder it is to sleep on a night. The thing is I actually love mornings! I love speding some time in my own peace and quiet, and really getting ready for the day in my own sweet time. So I've decided I need to create two routines for myself. One on an evening that gives me plenty of time to wind down and signals to my mind and body, it's time to sleep now, and one on a morning that gives me the time I need and love to get up and wake up at a pace that is best for me. I'm only a couple of days into this, and while I'm still having trouble sleeping, I can feel the difference already. I'm still testing and changing some things, but fingers crossed I finally get this under control!

Make my bedroom a calm happy place...

This goal is sort of part of creating my routines, but really deserves a place of its own. Of all the rooms in my flat, my bedroom is the most neglected. I think after years of only having a bedroom to call my own, now I have a whole flat to myself the bedroom seems like nothing more than a place for my stuff to go and my head to rest. But the problem is, because I don't spend any real time in there, it's the easiest room to just dump stuff in! Which makes me want to spend time in there even less, and having a bed surrounded by clutter and mess probably isn't helping sort out my sleeping. I want to change this. I want to make my bedroom a calm happy place, where I can switch off on an evening, and relish waking up in on a morning. I've already done a superficial tidy up, but I know I also need to clean through my wardrobe and tackle what's under the bed if I really want my zen space to last!

Ease my way back into being fit and fine...

Today when I went for a walk at lunch, I thought 'YES! It's finally perfect weather for running in!' and while that may be a little optimistic, the days are certainly getting longer, which means fitness can go back on the agenda. I'm not going to dive right in and say I'll be tackling 5k regularly by the end of the month, but I can ease myself back into it. Start off by making sure I get in my 6000 steps a day, maybe go for a gentle run on a weekend, and slowly build up a routine, so that by summer I actually will be tackling those 5ks 2 or 3 times a week.

Be in secure employment...

Ok, so all being well, this isn't a goal I will have to work on, because come the end of the month the Arts Council funding I need will have come through and I can just carry on in the job I love and have now. HOWEVER if this isn't the case my contract will finish in May, meaning I will have two months to find myself a new secure job, as I have finally decided that while I love freelance work to earn extra money here and there, I don't want to be constantly searching for my next pay cheque.

Book a holiday...

This is a goal I definitely can't rush into, given my current job situation. However, if the funding comes through, or I find a new amazing job, then by the end of Spring I want to have booked at least one holiday! In an ideal world I may even have squeezed in a weekend away somewhere by June, but lets just see what the universe has in store for me before I start talking about travel bucket lists (Croatia, Copenhagen and Lisbon...)

Get my blogging mojo back...

So since the beginning of the year I've only been blogging once a week, which was what was best for me and my writing. I'm super happy with the content that I've put up in the last couple of months, even if it has been irregular! Comments have been small in number but always perfectly formed, and I feel like I've only posted things that I really wanted to share, while also finding that voice I thought I was beginning to loose. Now I can feel my mojo coming back I want to start blogging more regularly again (between 2-3 times a week) and put that voice to good use on a more varied range of content.

Continue working on my bigger goals for the year...

As well as working on these goals, I'm still working on my bigger year long goals. Learning to drive, working on my money situation, gaining freelance employment once a month, writing something other than a blog post and getting back on stage. These too took a bit of a hit in the winter months, but I'm still plowing away at them, slowly but surely!

Do yo have any spring goals, or a seasonal bucket list? I love hearing about other peoples goals and motivations, so let me know in the comments below or leave a link to your goals post!

Live life & embrace the seasons! x

ps. I've joined Snapchat and I'm loving it! My username is Stephiej31 if you want to add me!

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