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Friday 4 March 2016

A while ago I made the decision that I wasn't going to accept any more invitations to review products from companies I wasn't already familiar with. I know, sounds a little crazy right? One of the best things about being a blogger is, let's all just admit it, being sent free stuff, but the fact is I don't really enjoy reviewing products that I haven't genuinely loved, and when a company is inviting you to review a product that you've never heard off, there simply is no guarantee you’re going to want to say nice things about it. And while I’ve never given a review that wasn’t 100% my honest opinion, writing a bad review always feels a little ungrateful.

So I made the decision that I would still review things off my own back, because I still want to tell you all about the places I love and the things I've tried, but generally, being sent a box of something in the post, and writing about it just because somebody had sent me it, isn’t for me.

The exception to this rule is tea.

Back in January I was sent a box of Ahmad Tea to try. I figured, I almost ALWAYS love tea, plus I was doing Veganuary at the time, so my usual builders brew was off the menu, making it the perfect time to try something new right?

I opted to try some of the Blackcurrant Tea, and waited eagerly for my sample box to arrive in the post. I expected a box of maybe ten teabags to turn up, I had no idea that on top of a box of black currant tea, I was also being sent a selection box with 6 boxes of other flavours to try too! I was already won over (hey, I've said no to other free stuff!).

Now you know when you speak to someone who isn't really into tea and they say 'fruit tea never ACTUALLY tastes like fruit' and you can see where they are coming from, because you once bought some peach flavoured tea that tasted like sun cream? Ahmad tea is the remedy to that. Their peach tea tastes NOTHING like suncream, and everything like peaches.

Out of the selection my two favourites were the black tea based Blackcurrant Burst and Raspberry Indulgence. Both gave that warming boost that black tea does, while having the refreshing taste that you want from a fruit tea. I also really enjoyed the Strawberry and Kiwi green tea, which I was a little dubious of at first because I generally hate strawberry flavourings, but Ahmad Tea is so natural, and the green tea was much lighter tasting than the black, perfect for that afternoon pick me up in the office!

Other than the fact that this was definitely some of the best tea I’ve tried, even knocking Harrogate Teas off the top spot for me, Ahmad Tea feels really high quality. The selection box was beautifully packaged, and would make a really wonderful gift for somebody. Inside the bigger box, each of the 6 different flavours came in there own box, and you got ten individually foiled tea bags of each flavour. That’s a whole lot of tea, and I loved that they came individually wrapped, because they were perfect for sticking in my bag to take to work!

I also think the quality packaging really adds to the therapeutic ritual of making yourself a really good cup of tea. Choosing which flavour best suits your mood, taking it out of a lovely box, pouring the water over and being hit with a gorgeous aroma, no matter where you are, whether you’re at your desk, backstage at a show, or at home for the weekend, taking that 5 minutes can do wonders for the soul.

I hope you can tell how much I genuinely loved this tea! I’ve already recommended the company to so many of my friends, and I can’t wait to buy some more for myself, I’m thinking of getting a box of Vanilla Tranquility and Mango Magic next, and when Christmas comes around, I’ll definitely be stocking up Cinnamon Haze!

And I have to say I owe Jessica from Ahmad Tea a massive thank you for the selection box of complimentary tea and for introducing me to a new favourite brand!

Take a look at the Ahmad Tea website for more information about them, and for a look through their huge collection of favourites! I love that they have a tea selector online, that helps you find just the tea you’re looking for! Let me know in the comments which flavour takes your fancy and if you fall in love with this tea as much as I have!

Live life & always say yes to tea x

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