Wednesday 16 December 2015

Hey everyone, how are you??? LOOK I've finally got around to posting the next set of 'My Favourite Things...' answers (ooo not sure that makes grammatical sense!). Today I'm joined by the wonderful, Sinead, Holly and Sam!

In case you've missed any previous posts in this series! I am asking people to send me their favourite photograph of themselves, and to answer the following two sentences:

My favourite thing about myself is...
My favourite thing about who I am is...

With the aim being to spread a little self positivity and confidence, during the colder darker months, when many of us spend a little too much time alone, or indoors, or just inside our own head! 

I'm still looking for people to join in, but I won't be posting one of these posts again till the New Year,  when instead of fortnightly I'll be making them monthly. So if you want to get involved please drop me an email at! I'd love to hear from you, but for now, lets hear from this weeks lovely ladies...

Sinead shares her thoughts, adventures and dreams over at Dreaming Again where you'll find some beautiful photography and some serious lipstick envy.

My favourite thing about who I am is.. how empathic I am. I always think about how other people would feel and I try to be polite, kind and friendly towards people because I know the difference it can make for them. Even the smallest act of kindness could really make their day. I'm good at not letting my problems or mood stop me from always being nice to other people.
My favourite thing about the way I look is.. probably my eyes. That's the facial feature people compliment me on the most. I like how they're nice and big and I love the colour.

Holly, is one of the most driven people I've ever met, and just a quick glance at her blog will show you just how much of a force of life she is. With great advice by the truck load, and some lovely personal posts thrown in to boot! 

My favourite thing about who I am is... my ability to love and to love so strongly. 
My favourite thing about the way I look is... that this is me. A person who is always smiling and content with who she is.

Sam is a wonderful and beautifully honest person, and one of the first people I contacted to be part of this series.

When she sent me her photo and answers she was brave enough to admit, that she was going through a bit of a dip in confidence herself, and had found picking a photo of herself that she didn't 'hate' really difficult. But she answered my questions and chose a photo that reminded her of how happy she was when it was taken.

I felt it was really important to share this, as I think it is something we can all relate to! And sometimes it is important to remember that we can be happy, even if we don't love how we look. 

Sam blogs over at OH hello, where you'll find gluten free baking, list of things to be thankful for and snippets of her life. 

My favourite thing about who I am is my ability to anticipate needs. I have always been interested in people, how they behave and what they like. I have naturally become quite good at anticipating what they might want or need. This is helpful both in my personal and my work life and in general I think this makes me quite a thoughtful person.

My favourite thing about the way I look is how my eyes change colour. Usually grey, sometimes blue and the other day they were hazel. I like how they are a little bit peculiar and absolutely unique.
Thank you to Sinead, Holly and Sam for being a part of this series, and I hope it reminds you as your reading this, that sometimes forcing a little self positivity can go a long way. Now go shimmy into your Christmas sequins you sexy beasts, and remember your even more fabulous on the inside than you are on the outside! And hopefully I will hear from one or two of you to be part of this in the new year!

Live life & sparkle x

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